Setting the PACE in user adoption

We started in 1998 with the collaboration software from IBM (do you remember Lotus Notes?) and extended to Microsoft Office 365. Last addition is the online platform from Zoho. Three powerful collaboration platforms to work smarter and faster with each other. The basis of these platforms is already extensive, but sometimes lacks a specific module or function. Therefor we have partnered with specialized vendors to offer our customers a ‘one-stop-collaboration-shop’. Silverside consults when to use which software and how to acquire them most smartly.

The biggest challenge with the introduction of new software is the actual usage of it. A successful adoption of new software requires the combination of technology, communications & learning styles. Structured software for fixed processes (e.g. financial systems) can be made mandatory, but unstructured software for collaboration needs to be ‘sold’ to every end user. This makes the implementation of collaboration software complex and Silverside unique. We have helped more than 200 organisations with their digital transformation in different lines of business in Europe. From this experience our PACE implementation methodology was forged, and standard materials created.

A specific example are our productivity scenarios. Here we make thematic bridges between best practices and software functionality. We differentiate scenarios for personal productivity (ME-scenarios), team productivity (WE-scenarios) and organization wide implementations (KEY-scenarios). By starting small but align it big we have found a perfect recipe for the most efficient and effective roll out. We work in waves where we dream 3 years in the future and deliver every 3 months the highest achievable result.

During our implementations we respect the diversity of the user population and the culture of the organization. Both on personality preferences and the ability to embrace new technology. Hereby we use the well known and accepted personality typology of Carl Gustav Jung (based on introvert versus extravert and think versus feeling) and translate this in an easy to use meta language of four colours. In addition we use the century old technology adoption curve (from ‘innovators’, via ‘early adoptors’ to ‘early’ and ‘late majority’) to reach 84% happy end users who voluntary use the software on daily basis. The last 16% (the so-called ‘laggards’) will also join, but only by making the usage mandatory.

What differentiates us?

  1. Unique mix of technology, communications and learning styles which are merged into our own PACE implementation methodology and -materials.
  2. Since our founding in 1998 profitable and invested this in our area of expertise of user adoption.
  3. We are bootstrapped and therefor capable of driving our own course and strategy.
  4. Our own team of 18 motivated professionals are positive critical thinkers and on a daily base make the difference in our engagements.
  5. In addition to our own team we have a flexible layer of independent professionals trained in our methodology and flexible and fast deploy-able throughout the world in different mother-tongue languages.
  6. With more than 200 customers we have references in almost every line of business (profit and public sector) and organization size.
  7. We are used to work international and have all materials prepared in Dutch and English.
  8. It is just fun to work with or for Silverside. We work hard, but don’t forget to also enjoy!