QuickHelp: Employee onboarding with Office 365

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QuickHelp: Employee onboarding with Office 365

Business @ Work report, from Okta, shows the top 25 most widely used SaaS (software as a service) and cloud applications. According to this report for this year (based on a number of customers) at the top of the list, there is Microsoft Office 365, as it was in the last year. This spring Microsoft announced having nearly 135 million commercial users of Office 365. This number shows that the popularity is still growing and doesn’t seem Office 365 software will drop down soon. In the second place, is Salesforce, followed by Amazon AWS that is in the 3rd place in 2018.


Why Office 365 is the most popular SaaS?

Office 365 is a Software that provides a great set of tools and apps and gives the opportunity to work smarter, faster and efficient. Now Office 365 offers 28 apps such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Yammer, Skype for Business, SharePoint.
Microsoft is constantly working on developing these apps by adding new functions. For example, at the moment there are 68 new functionalities that are being rolled out and are not yet available to all applicable customers. The changes are done faster and end users can not follow the same pace without any help. Knowing Office 365 environment and being always up-to-date regarding the functionalities you are using is more than relevant for all new users. However, this variety of different apps and functionalities brings many opportunities, but also many questions when and how to use witch app in the most efficient way.



Onboarding issues

Newcomers have a great variety of skills, they have knowledge in a specific area and are motivated to show their value within an organization. However, in most of the cases they are lacking technical skills in using Office 365 tools effectively.

Onboarding new employees is one of the most critical cross-functional processes in a company. It is not an easy task to be productive when you just started working at a new company and it is also challenging for a company to train a newcomer quickly and effectively. The situation gets even more complicated when a new employee is not familiar with the working tools he has to use, such as software, apps, and other communication gadgets and tools.


How to be always updated and learn about new functionalities at the same time?

New Microsoft users are constantly surprised by new opportunities. This means they have to discover and explore new functionalities that can make their work easier. The problem appears when people do not know how to use these tools, or they even don’t know that these tools and functions exist.
Microsoft have supported an amazing user adoption initiative – QuickHelp. This is an interactive platform created and almost instantly updated by Brainstorm Inc. This great tool enables new users to get to know Office 365 and the required tools to use within a company in the fastest way.
Quick Help offers a personalized account and this allows managers to assign specific online courses and other content for every individual based on their needs. What is more, Quick Help gives bonus points for using the platform and learning. By using these points, the tool ranks every user and the ranking can be seen by everybody.
Having a high ranked profile means that the person has acquired a lot of knowledge in a specific Office 365 topic. Consequently, he can be seen by other employees as an expert and the right person to ask for a help once a new employee needs an advice regarding different that topic.
We at Silverside are proud to be the first company based in The Netherlands to collaborate with BrainStorm, providing our customers with this great learning tool. Contact us for DEMO and more information.