Email Branding: The next level of email marketing

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In a time when marketing is running the show in companies, branding turns out to be essential for reaching goals and success.

Branding is seen as the perception that consumers have when they hear or think of a company name, service or product. In particular, the main goal of branding is to deliver corporate messages in clear and consistent way, enhancing the credibility of a company. In this way, target prospects will be more engaged with products and services, being more motivated to become not only a one-night stand buyer, but a loyal customer.

Email Branding

All this can be achieved by integrating all the brand strategies. Remember that your brand is a foundational piece in your marketing communication: Branding is strategic and marketing is tactical.

Since nowadays emails are still one of the main channels for marketing in many organizations, email branding is a strategic task and an added value for developing a brand and reaching new customers.

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Crossware is a company specialized in email signature and email branding. It defines email branding as:

“A way of advertising your business in your emails. This is done through the use of branding elements such as corporate logos, website links, tag lines, colour and the overall appearance and feel that is seen on your company’s website, newsletters, and overall brand image.”


Companies are currently spending hundreds and thousands of money on advertising and brand building through television and print advertisements, business cards, logos and signage. However, emails are most of the times not part of the branding strategy. Indeed, considered the importance of email for the marketing strategy and to reach and communicate with customers every day, if the brand is not visible and recognizable in every corporate email, negative effects can impact the whole image of the company.

Instead, by using branded emails, you can turn your emails into clear professional representations of your company.  The mandatory elements for a branded email are the corporate logo, the contact details of departments or individuals, a consistent design (in terms of colour, image, font, disclaimers) and tag lines.

The impact your email will have on customers is huge and for this reason, email branding should be the mirror image of your company. How? First, start with having a consistent signature in all your emails, able to convey the brand. of your company.

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