Create your User Adoption Strategy for Office 365
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This eBook describes what user adoption for Office is and why you need a proper strategy to get the most out of your investment. We elaborated a new perspective on user adoption for Office 365. We used the Herzberg’s two-factor theory of the satisfiers (motivators) and dissatisfiers (hygiene factors) to look at user adoption with fresh eyes. 

In this eBook, you will find an answer to these questions:

  • Why do you need an adoption strategy for Office 365?
  • How to create  a good and successful adoption strategy?
  • Which are the most important factors influencing your project? 
  • How do you motivate and involve your employees?
  • How to add some magic to your adoption project?

Creating a successful user adoption project has never been easier. 

Change made easy for Office 365


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Create your user adoption strategy for Office 365

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