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Wanting to use instead of having to

When did you last feel really productive at work? Every day we are overwhelmed with information. Tasks are left undone, and messages unanswered. Meetings dominate our calendar. Emails are piling up. With Office 365 we have the tools for the digital workplace of the future.

Office 365 offers a lot of applications in the cloud: SharePoint sites, Teams, Planner, Skype, Office apps, OneDrive, Yammer, Stream and many others. These tools enable employees to collaborate, and find and use the expertise they need within their network of colleagues.

Many organisations struggle with the real efficient use of their collaboration platform. Often the focus for adoption (if there even was any) is aimed at training in how the tools work. Research indicates tools are only effectively used by 10-20% of your employees. How can we make maximum use of the possibilities? How can we get employees to want to use Office 365, rather than telling them they have to? In short: how do we get everybody to work using Office 365?

Change made easy

To make the adoption of Office 365 more successful, Silverside created the Change approach based on a mix of existing successful international concepts and methods.

Do you want to know more about the Silverside Change approach? Download our eBook ‘Wanting to use instead of having to’.

Change made easy for Office 365


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Change made easy

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