Drag and drop in Outlook! The simplest trick that will make your work much easier

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Think of how many tasks you get every day at work… How many new contacts do you make? How many expected and unexpected meetings appear in your calendar?
In old days people used their note books and sticky notes to plan their days until they got lost… now, those days are gone and seems like we all are stuck in a completely different loop: the variety of apps and technologies. Different platforms, software including Microsoft provide us plenty of possibilities to plan our day efficiently and to make our work life easier. The problem appears in the variety of apps and their functionalities that are sometimes overlapping and this creates even a bigger confusion. From a user’s point of view many functionalities can give more questions than answers… with the biggest one: WHEN TO USE WHAT? I believe this is the point in which users loose their motivation to use new apps and try out new functionalities.

Microsoft Outlook isn’t just an email app, it is a personal information manager. Having everything in one place has its advantages, but there are still ways to use all these features more effectively.

So let’s start simple with an effective trick about how to make things easier using Microsoft Outlook.

How to organise my emails by putting them in the right category:

Open your Outlook and find the row on the bottom left side of icons: email, calendar, contacts, tasks. Drag the line to the right side to see all possible icons.


Did you receive a new email with some tasks for you?
Just drag and drop the email to a New Task folder and create a task for yourself with a start and due date. Set your status and reminder if its necessary. All information for an email is visible in the task you created.


The email you received needs more discussion? Create the meeting about this topic by dragging and dropping the email to a Meeting folder. Set the date and time. Invite people by clicking ‘Appointment’ at the navigation row on top and selecting ‘Invite Attendees”.



Drag and drop an email to a Contacts category and make a new contact on your Outlook by filling all details you need of the person that sent an email.

Simple, right? Save your time !