Continous Learning is a 'must do' in business

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The biggest challenge that technologies bring to business is user adoption: getting employees trained on new working tools with the final goal to make them use it in their everyday working practice. At first, employees are stressed about new technologies coming into their workplace. They are worried about how disruptive it will be for them. Usually, they are worried and raising questions like: Will I understand the new tools? Will I be able to use and work with them? When employees are told that new technologies are coming into their workspace, they get stressed and feel under pressure. And so, the fear about how the change will affect their job causes reluctance to use the tool or to know more about it.

Another type of issue appears within the time when employees are working with technologies. They encounter different problems such as something isn’t working properly, they do not know how to use the tool, or they want to know more how this tool can be used more effectively.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when they implement the new technology, is thinking that the date when that technology is introduced, the biggest work is done …. And this is a very wrong approach to take!

The key to a successful implementation of the new technology is to involve and train people how to use the tool. So, without any doubt, a continuous education is the relevant to make sure that new technology is not only implemented but is being used effectively.

It is not a surprise that IT never stops changing, for example only in 2016 Microsoft added more than 60 new features to Office 365.
This is a never-ending process, so people must be capable to learn and find new features of technologies quickly and easily.


What to do? Offer continuous education

Many employees feel that their skills in using software are not good enough. What is more, people believe that they can use tools more effectively, the problem is they don’t know how, because they don’t know what they don’t know… This might lead them feeling less driven to do their daily work by collaborating more while using certain tools for better collaboration. So there it should be always some room for education.

We believe that organizations are investing a lot of time and money to keep their employees up-to-date. However, we all know that hiring a professional trainer costs a lot. Yet, you still need training…
New technologies are giving us a better option – online learning. The option that gives us continuous education with 24/7 accessibility. In my last article The right approach: fix problems and learn at the same time with QuickHelp I presented the advantages of a new learning platform for all Office365 users. This tool can be the best idea for your business how to educate and help your employees to use Office365 tools. By having this constant support, employees will understand the benefits of smarter ways of working. Remember, that if people do not embrace the tools they have… it is simply a waste.