Collaboration: more than just a trend!

The concept of collaboration is perceived as a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve business benefit. Since, the world becomes more and more complex and sophisticated collaboration have become a big part of our daily life. People tend to think they can work and survive on their own, however they can until that certain time when they need help form others in any case. Recently, society finally sees the speed of change and gets the idea that you cannot learn everything by yourself. Hence, if you want to stay up to date you need to learn from other people.
Indeed, we all witness the power of collaboration in daily life routine: in the supermarket, in the bank etc. Can we really do things alone the same way we do it together? Collaboration in general is about working together, but let’s make the collaboration about working together better and more efficient. Hence, probably all of us agree that many activities are better done together. If we take a look at a work environment, collaboration plays an important role in working and achieving business results.


Take a look at some benefits that a collaboration can bring us:

• Comprehend yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Before the collaboration starts both (all sides) have to present themselves in order to show other their abilities. This self-awareness gives the ideas where we can help other and when you need to ask for the help.
• “Two heads are better than one “.This truth is known for many centuries already… and it is just true. The problem can be solved more effective when all resources are combined. One’s talent, other’s experience, finances and etc. Sharing your knowledge and resources with others leads you and your business to the new or bigger market. It maintains the connections you already have as well as helps to establish more of them.
• Take the broader approach. Evaluate your collaboration: did it go not as good as you expected? Sometimes things don’t work out well no matter how hard both sides try, but it should not be the sign that you will be not willing work with that organization or a person again. Learn from the failures, but have in mind that even though the work on a project fails, it does not indicate that this partnership will be not successful in the future.
• Opportunity to learn. The opportunity to become a growing organization that has a values to learn and be up to date. Every time your organization collaborates with others you learn from them. You also evaluate the market challenges better and so stretch the comfort zone of your organization.
• It’s simply…trendy. This decade is the decade of collaborations, especially when it comes to a fashion world from a branding perspective. Famous brands and names united to hit with a new power instead of competing in this big market. What is more, many brands that belongs to totally different spheres of market comes to fashion and seems that both sides win. KENZO x H&M, Vetements and a parcel service DHL, a singer Rihanna x PUMA Fenty… the list is long, but the idea is quite clear. The collaboration is a trend that is reborn with a new perception and power.

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