Collaboration and Difference

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We’ve been working on a few new ebooks here at Silverside, and so far Sasja is winning the writing streak!

collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Sasja has drafted three ebooks that are almost ready to go; I have written but one. Last month I read through and commented on her three ebooks, and then last week I saw this comment in our Teams workspace for the ebooks:

Sasja: So funny how we are very different and in my opinion complimentary. I may be fast, but you are very precise and thoughtful. Can’t be fast and very thoughtful.

To which I responded—after changing in my head the spelling of “complimentary” to “complementary”—see what she means, i.e., “precise” ;-):

Michael: But Sasja, that’s the very nature of collaboration. You and I ARE very different, and because of that, we have the basis for a productive working relationship. If we were just clones of the other, there would be very little space for collaboration.

In the PACE methodology, one of the eight streams is called Culture and Behaviour. This stream focuses on exploring, championing and cultivating the human collaborative behaviours that enable tools that support collaborative interactions to be effective. If, as people/teams/ organisations, we merely swap the use of email for Microsoft Teams (for example) without revisiting the human collaborative behaviours of how we interact, then we miss the transformative opportunity. Yes, the technology will change, but at a much more fundamental level, the way we interact, the way we keep aligned on current status, the way we extend trust, the way we practice interdependence, and yes, even the way we leverage difference—these must change at least in lockstep with the technology, although preferably just ahead of the technology-change curve.

In a world increasingly shattered by difference, we seek to uphold the potential for a collaborative ethos to find a way through differences that divide to differences that unite.

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