Celebrate the Release of Domino V 10.0.1!

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Just in time for Christmas, IBM/HCL has a nice present for the Notes/Domino community.

new release domino

With the release of Notes/Domino version 10.0.1, “the hot off the press” Notes/Domino version 10 gets over 200 fixes that were identified in the primary v10 release. The new minor-release also contains some nice new features and additions. To me, this is another indication that IBM/HCL is serious with its renewed commitment to invest in the Notes/Domino product line.

Some highlights of the new version are listed below:

• The inclusion of MarvelClient Essentials; a client-endpoint-management-tool to analyse and visualize your Notes endpoints (i.e. PC/Laptops). With this, you can view installation details; local notes.ini; available disc space and RAM; deploy files such as your Notes upgrade package; run programs and manage the Windows Registry. Cool!

• The release of AppDev Pack 1 which Enables full-stack web developing using JavaScript, Node.js and Domino on Linux.

• Verse on Premises 1.0.6: This version includes a GUI-language preference, iCAL import capability and several improvements on the new (preview) calendar form.

• Notes 10.0.1 client for Apple MacOS (incl. IBM’s own embedded JVM)

This is again a welcome signal to the market. Even more after the announcement from HCL a week ago. On 7th December 2018, HCL declared the intention to buy the Lotus stack from IBM. My colleagues and I chewed on this news for a while and we think this is actually a positive development. To be honest we will miss the brand-name of IBM, which actually in recent years seemed to have lost the glimmery power of the past. We do need to get to know HCL because in the private realm they still need to earn our trust. At Silverside we did some research on HCL and we saw that they earned the respect of the Dutch financial sector, working with companies like ING, Rabo and Aegon. In conclusion, HCL has concretely proved to be capable of energizing the Lotus products. This certainly made my enthusiasm grow over the last year, but I’m looking forward to all the things HCL will bring to us in 2019.

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