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PACE Experience – Spring 2019

We help Office 365 consultants with a more structured approach to manage change for the Office 365 collaboration platform.
Our PACE-methodology combined with the right content and expertise makes it easier to be a professional nowadays. In our PACE Experience workshop, we summarize the possible culture types of an organisation, provide possible adoption strategies and learn you the ‘tricks’ to make change easier.

Part I: 9:00 - 12:15

09:00-09:30 Walk-in with coffee and tea

09:30-11:00 Setting the stage for our approach

  • Why PACE: Change made easy
  • How PACE: Explanation of the core model for implementing Collaborative Solutions
  • What PACE: Customer examples from four different company cultures
  • Fill in your own Collaborative Culture Assessment

11:00-11:15 Break

11:15-12:15 Current situation and your ideal situation

  • Current: Current usage of collaboration tools (internal and external)
  • Future: Draft a 3-year vision on your Collaborative Business

Office 365 Quickscan

If you want a quick scan for the best user adoption strategy for Office365, fill in the collaborative culture assessment.

Lunch – 12:15 – 13:00

Part II: 13:00 - 17:30

12:15-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 Creating the plan

  • Presentation of your personal CCA Profile and reflection/discussion
  • PREPARE: Productivity scenarios & link with Microsoft Office 365 modules

14:30-15:00 Break

15:00-16:30 Implementing the plan 

  • ACTIVATE: Project approach using the PACE Project Management per culture
  • CAPITALISE: Learning & Development for 8 different personas & Communication Do’s & Dont’s per culture
  • ENHANCE: How to increase adoption using different means. Create your mix!

16:30-17:00 Evaluation & Next steps

17:00-17:30 Drinks & Bites


The PACE Experience workshop is designed to help you to come up with the best user adoption strategy for your organisation. Enrollment starts per 1st of February 2019 for max. 20 professionals.


  • Start at 9:00 am
  • Program until 17:00 pm
  • A drink and a bite afterwards
  • Location: Silverside Capelle a/d IJssel

SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference 2018

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SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference comes to Copenhagen, Denmark!


ESPC is Europe’s leading online community, providing educational resources and encouraging collaboration.

Each year ESPC gathers SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure experts from around the world in one European location for the largest conference of its kind.

The mission of the event is to empower you and the community to professional success, so :

  • Learn with us
  • Get some inspiration
  • Make new connections
  • Broaden your network

When? 26-29 November 2018
Where? Copenhagen, Denmark


Silverside is proud to be a sponsor of this great conference. Join us at our booth during the event to see how our PACE methodology can change collaboration in your organization.

Mark 26-29 November on your agenda and plan a trip to Copenhagen.

Online Webinar: Smarter Sales Meetings with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

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Together with the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference

Sasja Beerendonk, Change Consultant, Silverside, Netherlands



Wed, Sep 19, 2018 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST


Smarter Sales Meetings with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

At an international client, spread out across EMEA, the sales organisation wanted better insights from meetings held with large customers or resellers of their products.
They needed more alignment between the regions and countries sales meetings. The current practice meant each regional or even sub-regional team had their own way of working, with many different forms of meeting notes taking, in many different formats (Word, Excel, paper-based, or other forms), and in many locations (laptop hard drives, shared network drives). Consequently, there was no single place to be able to find all sales meeting notes.
The solution? Using OneNote notebooks in each channel in Microsoft Teams where sales people share their meeting notes for that region. Subsequently, each regional notebook is set up, with section groups, sections, and pages.


Key benefits of attending

  • Learn about practical Office 365 Client Use Case: centralizing sales meeting notes with Teams and OneNote.
  • Learn how to design the Team channels and tabs, structure the OneNote notebook with specific access rights for section groups and using page templates.
  • Learn how sales people went through training, and what typical current behavior was though to tackle.