Learn how to create the best Office 365 User Adoption Plan

7th June, Rotterdam
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Are you looking for best practices to ensure a better outcome for your Microsoft Office 365 project? Learn how to create your own user adoption plan resulting in maximum adoption of your Microsoft Office 365 platform, using our PACE methodology. 

This workshop is intended for anyone responsible for implementing Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint. Are you a project manager, IT- manager, change practitioner, trainer, or IT professional who needs to ensure a succesful adoption? Then this workshop is for you!

The workshop will take place the 7th of June 2019. The location is Rivium Quadrant 75/5 2909LC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

About the workshop

The world is changing. The nature of work is changing-organisations, tasks, roles and business models. Markets are changing. But you know this. You hear it every day. You live it every day. You probably struggle with the relentlessness of it every day.-the magnitude, ferocity and complexity of it all. 

At Silverside, we have developed a way to make change happen. Happen well. Happen appropriately. Happen in the right direction, for the right reasons, and with the right outcomes. This struggle was the genesis of our PACE methodology-a structured approach for guiding practitioners to motivate and equip their people to collaborate more effectively using modern tools. 

The PACE methodology is based on one key insight: adoption of modern tools is not about one thing. That’s because there are multiple things that work together to create the context and cadence of change. Pulling together the insights across those items is essential in getting going, making progress and achieving the right outcomes over the duration of the change initiative. Starting is not about any one of those factors (and other related factors or elements); it is about all of them. It’s about developing an understanding of each factor individually, and at the same time being able to see the interrelationships and dynamic between them all. 

PACE model

The PACE methodology is designed to be applicable to any collaboration platform you may implement, however, the technical acumen will be specific to Microsoft Office 365. 

Workshop Agenda

This workshop is intended for anyone responsible for implementing Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint. Are you a project manager, IT- manager, change practitioner, trainer, or IT professional who needs to ensure a successful adoption? Then this workshop is for you!

08:30 Walk in with coffee or tea

Part I: Setting the stage for the User Adoption Approach

  • Start building the best user adoption approach for your own project, based on your culture.
    4 cultures and 18 strategies explained.
  • Explanation of the PACE User Adoption model for implementing Microsoft Office 365.
    What activities, templates, and strategies do you need to focus on, across 8 streams.
10:30 Break

Part II: Current situation and your ideal situation

  • When to use which Office 365 app? Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Forms, OneNote, etc. ?
    Faster decision making with our collaboration framework.
  • What are the rules of collaboration?
  • Find your 'Why' and start building a communication plan.
  • How do you find the right ambassadors?
    Examples of customer ambassador & champion programs.
12:15 Lunch

Part III: Creating your User Adoption Plan

  • Start small and scale up.
    • Which productivity scenario's and user groups are you targeting at first?
    • How and when are you scaling up?
  • How, when & what do you communicate?
  • What is your project approach to combine 8 streams to enlarge the scope & scale?
  • KPI Dashboard for successful user adoption.
    What is the ‘cost’ of a high user adoption success rate for Office 365?
15:15 Break

Part IV: Implementing your User Adoption Plan 

  • Create your user adoption strategy mix!

  • Learn about the top 8 productivity scenario’s worldwide.

  • What will you do to make adoption happen more broadly and widely?

  • Divide your budget across all phases and streams.

17:30 Drinks and Bites


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Top 3 Benefits of attending

  • Create your user adoption plan for Office 365 & SharePoint in your organization by using our PACE methodology
  • Measure  the probable success rate of your user adoption strategies, based on our benchmark 
  • Learn from companies like Omron, SES, Kawasaki, Attero and others in the market, know where to improve your adoption and how to save time and make the change easier

This workshop in your organisation?

It’s possible! We also organise a personalised workshop for your organisation. To request more information about your in-house workshop, click the button below. 

SharePoint Saturday Atlanta

Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365?
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SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Azure Technologies will meet for SPS Atlanta on May 11, 2019,​ at the Kennesaw State University,​ Marietta Campus.

Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365?

Next stop? Atlanta! Silverside will go overseas represented by Sasja Beerendonk. She will be hosting the session “Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365?” The session will take place in the time slot 2:30-3:30 pm EDT (GMT-4), Atlanta local time. 
If you cannot be there, the session will be live on Microsoft Teams. The CEST time slot (Amsterdam)  is 8:30-9:30 am. Here is the link to attend the Microsoft Teams Live Event.
The session is directed to IT professionals, end-users and businesses. 
Learn what makes change for technology in business so difficult and how to motivate your employees to adopt it.  What are the reasons employees do not simply embrace new technology?
Resistance to change is what you’ll get without a proper user adoption strategy for your collaboration platform. Unlike IT people, business users are not necessarily thrilled about new technology, features and functionalities.
Build it and they will come does not work. Most employees will need to be motivated differently to start a new way of working.
How can we bend resistance to change, to change readiness? How do we find your Champions and activate them? How do employees understand when to use what app? This session will show you how to build a successful user adoption strategy.
The event is free, so if you are in Atlanta on May 11, join us! 


Date and Location:

When? Saturday, May 11, 2019, 2:30-3:30 pm EDT, GMT-4 (CEST time is 8:30-9:30 am). 

Where? Kennesaw State University, Marietta Campus, 1100 S Marietta Pkwy, Building Q, Marietta, GA 30060 Atlanta. Or Teams Live Event. 


SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg, we are coming!

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Our senior consultant Sasja Beerendonk will be one of the speakers for South Africa’s largest Office 365 & Azure Conference: SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg!

Save the date: Saturday 6 April 2019! The time slot is 14:00-14:45!

About SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg

SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg is a free event for anyone to attend. As with all things Microsoft, SharePoint is no longer just about a product. It’ s about enablement and spans across Office 365 as well as Azure.

Architects, Developers, IT Professionals, Designers and end-users alike will be able to attend sessions presented by seasoned professionals in their respective fields covering the length and breadth of what you would want to see and experience at this world-class event, run across more than 50 countries across the world.

The 8th event of this kind will take place in Johannesburg, at Microsoft in Bryanston on the 6th of April 2019.

Collaborate to Co-Author Documents, using Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Office

We are proud and excited to be on stage for this event and share our experience, knowledge and talent with the SharePoint Saturday audience. Sasja Beerendonk will hold the session “Collaborate to Co-Author Documents, using Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Office”.

In this session, attendees could learn how to be more effective in ‘Co-authoring documents’ using a mix Office 365 apps OneDrive, Teams and Office. It will also be explained how the complete reviewing process (draft – collaborate – publish) can be done smarter and with a lot more fun by using a mix of great features in Office 365 tools.

Have you ever gotten lost in all the feedback and reviews done on one of your documents? Likely there were many emails with copies of the file, and different people giving their feedback using different tools and options. It’s a mess, and hard to finalise your documents.

There are many apps and possibilities in Office 365 to make co-authoring a smooth and effective process. But many employees lack the digital skills, or are stuck in old habits and using outdated tools. This session goes beyond the real-time co-editing feature possible in Office Online or sharing a file through OneDrive. It focuses on a real-to-life work scenario, where people discover what a combination of Office 365 tools can do to improve their everyday work. Learn how teams can re-think the tools and practices they use today and how they can work together efficiently on documents with all the great new features of Office 365 to achieve a better process and result.

It will be a great session, so do not miss it if you are based in Johannesburg! And if that’s too far, don’t worry! Sasja will stream her session live by organizing a Microsoft Teams Live Event!

To join the live streaming of the session, click the button below.

Webinar: Insight into Sales Meetings Done Smarter: Meeting Notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Last week our senior consultant Sasja Beerendonk held a webinar Insight into Sales Meetings Done Smarter: Meeting Notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote
The workshop was focused on insights into how to do sales meetings smarter sharing the real-life experience of an international Silverside customer Omron Healthcare. She presented the concrete methodology used to help the customer achieve what they needed regarding sales meetings.
Silverside philosophy teaches that first, you should learn how to use in the best way the tools you already have to work smarter. However, sometimes, from Silverside working practice we see that this is one of the most challenging actions for users in a process of changing the way of working.

In the specific case of Omron Healthcare, an international client spread out across EMEA, the sales organization wanted better insights from meetings held with large customers or resellers of their products.
They needed more alignment between the regions and countries sales meetings. The current practice meant each regional or even sub-regional team had their own way of working, with many different forms of meeting notes taking, in many different formats (Word, Excel, paper-based, or other forms), and in many locations (laptop hard drives, shared network drives). Consequently, there was no single place to be able to find all sales meeting notes.
The solution? Using OneNote notebooks in each channel in Microsoft Teams where salespeople share their meeting notes for that region. Subsequently, each regional notebook is set up, with section groups, sections, and pages.
By watching this webinar, you will be able to learn practical Office 365 Client Use Case and specifically, centralizing sales meeting notes with Teams and OneNote.
Moreover, you will know more about how to design the Team channels and tabs, structure the OneNote notebook with specific access rights for section groups and using page templates. Lastly, another key benefit that this webinar offers is concrete information on how salespeople went through training, and what typical current behaviour was though to tackle.

The entire webinar has been recorded and can be watched for free just by creating a free account through this link:

Insight into Sales Meetings Done Smarter: Meeting Notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference 2018

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SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference comes to Copenhagen, Denmark!


ESPC is Europe’s leading online community, providing educational resources and encouraging collaboration.

Each year ESPC gathers SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure experts from around the world in one European location for the largest conference of its kind.

The mission of the event is to empower you and the community to professional success, so :

  • Learn with us
  • Get some inspiration
  • Make new connections
  • Broaden your network

When? 26-29 November 2018
Where? Copenhagen, Denmark


Silverside is proud to be a sponsor of this great conference. Join us at our booth during the event to see how our PACE methodology can change collaboration in your organization.

Mark 26-29 November on your agenda and plan a trip to Copenhagen.

Office 365 training: Collaborate as a Team

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Do you want to get started with Office 365 in your organisation? Have you used Microsoft Teams yet in your organisation? With all the apps and possibilities in Office 365, what should we do to start ‘Collaborating as a Team’ effectively? Most organisations struggle with the real effective use of Office 365. Are you curious how to motivate your employees to start using Office 365 Teams? Learn how to get your employees to ‘Collaborate as a Team’ using Microsoft Teams in this free Office 365 training: Collaborate as a Team on 16th July 2018 at Silverside (Rotterdam).


About Collaborating as a Team

This training will help you get started with how to ‘Collaborate as a Team’ using Microsoft Teams in Office 365.
Microsoft Teams helps your team work better together. It’s one app that brings your team’s conversations, meetings, files, and notes together into a single place for open and seamless collaboration. This chat-based workspace combines chat, documents, people, and tools in one secure place.


What’s in it for you?

  • Learn how to work together as a team in Office 365, using Teams as a single place for all your conversations, files, planning and meetings.
  • Experience Microsoft Teams in a free 30 days demo environment, or participate with your own Office 365 account.
  • Get practical tips and information on how to transform the way your team works using Microsoft Teams.
  • Re-think the tools teams use today, with all the new possibilities Microsot Teams offers.
  • Get examples of practical use cases for using Microsoft Teams for sales, marketing, customer service and legal.
  • Get 45 days of free online training with QuickHelp.

Full program

08:00 Walk-in with coffee/tea & optional breakfast
09:00 Me – We – Key: When to use what
09:30 A new way of working: From ‘Send to’ to ‘Share with’
09:50 Getting to know Microsoft Teams
Have fruitful conversations
Share & Collaborate on files
Stay on top of what’s going on
10:50 Building your Team
Hands-on experience of Microsoft Teams and building the work scenario for your team
11:50 Team examples for marketing, sales, customer service and legal
12:10 Get your employees started
QuickHelp demo
Silverside PACE
12:30 Wrapup & Lunch


Register now for free!

Date: July 16
Start: 9:00 / End: 12:30
Location: Siverside, Rivium Qudrant 75, Capelle a/d IJssel