Notes from the Keynote at the SharePoint Conference 2018 - May 22, 2018

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The SharePoint Conference North America 2018 in Las Vegas is the place to be this week if SharePoint is critical to the collaboration strategy at your organisation. For those not able to attend in person, a complimentary webcast of the two-hour keynote was streamed live, but of course, you miss the hundreds of sessions on offer during the three days of the conference.

During the keynote, Jeff Teper and his team recounted recent updates to SharePoint Online, previewed coming changes, and made a splash with some new ideas.

Here’s the key five points I took away from the content-packed keynote:

  1. Microsoft continues to find cool ways to leverage the Microsoft Graph, a background service that analyses what people are doing and creates connections between people and content. The ultimate realisation of the Graph vision is when experiences in Office 365 – for example, search in SharePoint, inviting collaborators into a Microsoft Word document, or sharing a document in OneDrive with others – just always seems to put the right person or search result at the top of the list. If the Microsoft Graph seems to be reading your mind and inferring your intent, then it is working as designed.
  1. Microsoft continues to improve the “meat and potatoes” of SharePoint – document libraries and lists. One of the demos showed real-time updates to the items in a list, without having to refresh your screen. Another showed the coming addition of document library capabilities – such as group and conditional column formatting – to the document library web part. The first increases the here-and-now usability of SharePoint lists and libraries, because you never have to refresh the screen to see what’s new and changed. Changes by others are automagically displayed, for both existing and new items or documents. The second increases the consistency of the user experience across SharePoint; capabilities available to the user in the full document library experience will also be available through the associated web part.
  1. Microsoft Teams will be receiving more SharePoint goodness over coming months, including column formatting for lists and libraries and the ability to include SharePoint pages within a Teams workspace. The addition of SharePoint pages has been announced already, but it will remove a design annoyance currently in place of having to link to a SharePoint page as a bland web page, not as a full SharePoint experience. Once again, everything is trending towards greater consistency, similarity, and integration across the destination experiences in Office 365. What works in one place should work in all places.
  1. Microsoft previewed SharePoint spaces, a new mixed reality way of browsing and consuming content in a SharePoint site, with support for navigation using HoloLens and other headsets (see image above). SharePoint spaces are intended to be as easy to create as a PowerPoint slide deck – click new, select a template, and start adding content. New 3D-aware web parts are offered, to enable the design and navigation process to be as seamless as possible. For lists and libraries that are image heavy, or that make sense to be visualised rather than read, SharePoint spaces is a great innovation. While updates to lists and libraries address the common everyday tasks of using SharePoint, mixed reality options create a whole new plane of coolness to explore.
  1. People matter – and individuals count. There were quite a few years when the SharePoint dream started to fade and languish, and it seemed like it was the end of an era. And then Jeff Teper came back as the champion of the SharePoint dream at Microsoft. He and his team have charted a new and expanded course for SharePoint, and in light of the continued momentum and innovations, the dream and reality of SharePoint is again firmly established.

Silverside and Beezy are proud main sponsors of Congres Intranet 2018

This tenth edition of Congres Intranet 2018 is the day where the intranet, social media and the digital workplace come to the centre of attention.

When: March 22, 2018
Where: Jaarbeurs Utrecht, MediaPlaza 2.0

You can still register via this link!

In collaboration with Beezy, we are main sponsor of the event this year. In addition, Roland Driesen is responsible for the following session:

PACE Method for the new digital workplace of Flanderijn

Flanderijn is one of the largest existing debt collection and bailiff organizations in the Netherlands and has a national network with fourteen offices. More than 600 employees represent clients’ interests on a national, regional and international level. To support cooperation and communication, a new digital workplace has been introduced: Floor.

The biggest challenge in such environment is the balance between top-down communication (what you need to know) and bottom-up co-creation (the one you want to contribute to). The tension between direct result (within 3 months) and long-term manageability (over 3 years) also plays an important role here.

What if we can allow these forces to reinforce each other, instead of being counter-productive? With a mix of communities of practice, team communities, communities of interest and project communities, a balanced environment and the rules of the game (governance), are easily and unambiguously tuned.

In this session Roland Driesen gives a practical introduction to the used PACE method and how the collaboration framework at Flanderijn is used for the implementation of the new digital workplace, based on Microsoft Office 365 and Beezy.

Engage 2017

Mon-Tue, May 8-9, 2017
Antwerp, Belgium
Elisabeth Center Antwerp, FMCCA

80+ Sessions, all in English.
TOP speakers from all over the world!
5 Tracks: Business & Strategy, Development, Administration & Deployment, Emerging Technologies and new Big Data & Analytics

Silverside is proud to sponsor this great European event. Especially this years edition as we will launch our PACE Online platform with the first module: the Collaborative Culture Assessment. This year we have four sessions:

Com05. The birth of PACE Online: From brainstorm to launch during Engage

Monday, May 8 | 14:45 – 15:30 | B. Okapi 2

Silverside is known for her PACE methodology to increase User Adoption of Microsoft and IBM platforms. PACE Online is the new platform to make these proven services and accumulated knowledge available and accessible to everyone—from wherever they are, and at a price point that makes sense.

This session will be the official launch of the first module of PACE Online: The Collaborative Culture Assessment. With this online survey we can automatically produce a specific report on your company culture and behaviour including a tailored advice for your User Adoption approach.

In this session Frans and Roland will share the ideas and concept behind the PACE Online platform, a live demonstration of the first module, the roadmap ahead and a technical peek under the hood.

Roland Driesen

Roland Driesen

Frans Mandersloot

Frans Mandersloot

Str12. Kawasaki’s collaboration journey at motor speed

Tuesday, May 9 | 14:45 – 15:05 | B. Okapi 2

Learn how adoption of Connections at Kawasaki Motors accelerated from pilots to general adoption for all of Europe. Connections grew through small Communities of Practice – proving real business value through real work scenarios. Work scenarios that replaced old ways of working with new ways to work. See how Kawasaki was leveraging adoption through Kudos Badges and a brand new XCC homepage.


Sasja Beerendonk

Sasja Beerendonk

Adm11. What about Docker?

Monday, May 8 | 16:00 – 16:20 | A. Okapi 3

With the new IBM Connections Pink coming soon a new architecture is introduced. This session will show you what Docker is and how you can use it and how IBM is using it in the Orient Me homepage that is included in Connection 6.0.


Gert van Kempen

Gert van Kempen

Str22. Change behaviour, one tiny habit at a time (Round Table)

Monday, May 8 | 17:00 – 17:30 | Table 2 Gorilla 1

Particularly with a social collaboration and communication platform employees can be dazzled with all the possibilities and the huge change it requires of them. For such a transformation you need more than training ‘how’ to use a tool, or even ‘why’ to use it. Tooling is the technology-push that makes new ways of working possible, but it does not make me change my work habits. To effectively change or start behaviour requires practice and we need to take small steps that are easy to do. Follow me along in how to make change possible through practising tiny habits. Learn about how this fits in the whole spectrum of user adoption strategies. Share your experiences and feedback with each other.


Sasja Beerendonk

Sasja Beerendonk

And the best news: It's FREE to attend.

Engage 2017

Michael Sampson is Joining Silverside as Research Consultant for PACE

New Zealand-based author, analyst, and advisor Michael Sampson is joining Silverside as a Research Consultant to extend and improve Silverside’s implementation methodology for change management and construct the best quality content for the forthcoming PACE Online platform.

Michael is an internationally acclaimed guru on User Adoption Strategies, with seven published books on this topic. The Research & Development team will work from Silverside’s four offices worldwide on our knowledge base and the introduction of a new concept to facilitate and automate change management worldwide.

“Being a long-time fan of his work, I’m thrilled to be working with Michael Sampson on our PACE methodology . I believe together we can build a solid knowledge base and introduce a great new concept to make this available worldwide”, Sasja Beerendonk

With PACE Online, we will make our proven services and accumulated knowledge available and accessible to everyone—from wherever they are, and at a price point that makes sense. To extend PACE Online with the best quality content, Michael Sampson is joining the Silverside team.

“I have worked with the Silverside team across multiple projects during the past five years and have grown to value their approach to business and client service. I look forward to leveraging our common interests in user adoption and change management to help organisations with the transformation to a collaborative business.”, Michael Sampson

On February 20th 2017, Michael will start this important step during IBM Connect 2017 in San Francisco together with four other Silverside colleagues. Please reach out to us if you are also visiting this great event; it provides a great opportunity to get to know Michael in person or reconnect in his new position.

About Silverside

Silverside is a consulting organization specialized in assisting its ambassadors to inspire them, equip and motivate them to become a collaborative organization. The PACE methodology was developed to support our customers and partners in every step of the change process. Silverside has the ability to deliver this in EMEA. PACE Online is a platform in the works to make this accessible worldwide.

About Michael Sampson

Michael is the guru on User Adoption Strategies and consults to organisations around the world on customer success, organisational transformation, and achieving business impact with new technology. He lives in New Zealand.

More about Silverside Why We Exist.

Silverside starts joint venture to develop PACE Online


Silverside and Lead Innovation started a joint venture on the 23rd of December to launch the PACE Online platform.

Our ambition is to increase employee productivity with the use of smart tools. ‘Change’, however, is not easy. With our PACE methodology we help IBM Connections and Microsoft Office 365 users with the transformation of an email culture towards a more collaborative organization. With our approach, we make the change easier, more accessible and more fun. In practice, this means that we can make 84% of the users smile.

To make this service and implementation methodology even easier and more accessible, the idea emerged to launch an online platform. With PACE Online we make our proven services and accumulated knowledge virtually available and accessible to everyone. Both physically and also in terms of budget.

To achieve PACE Online a joint venture is formed with Lead Innovation, a specialized development agency with a state-of-the-art development platform which proven end products. The next three years, a team of Silverside and Lead Innovation will develop a complete platform so we can facilitate and automate change management worldwide.

On May 8, 2017, the first version of PACE Online will go live during Engage in Antwerp. Please mark the pre-launch party on May 7 in your calendar. Details and registration will follow soon!

About Silverside

Silverside is a consulting organization specialized in assisting its ambassadors to inspire them, equip and motivate them to become a collaborative organization. The PACE methodology was developed to support our customers and partners in every step of the change process. Silverside has the ability to deliver this in EMEA. PACE Online is a platform in the works to make this also accessible worldwide.

About Lead Innovation

Development is a team effort! Lead Innovation supports organizations by developing innovative software both smarter and faster. We achieve this by using our own development platform for web-based systems and mobile apps.


Rear more about PACE methodology. 



Eind september vindt Microsoft Ignite plaats in Atlanta waarbij ons team weer prominent aanwezig zal zijn voor de laatste ontwikkelingen. We begrijpen echter dat niet iedereen daar bij aanwezig kan zijn, en om die reden organiseren wij begin oktober bij ons op kantoor een exclusieve Microsoft Ignite Comes to You sessie om de deelnemers te voorzien van alle ins en outs. Gedurende deze middag zullen onder andere onderwerpen als innovatie en samenwerken, Microsoft SharePoint, Office365 en Skype for Business aan bod komen.

Daarnaast tonen wij de laatste ontwikkelingen van gespecialiseerde partners zoals en Beezy. Ook is de laatste hardware van Microsoft aanwezig om daadwerkelijk aan de tand te voelen: de overal uitverkochte Surface Hub, de nieuwste Surface tablets en wellicht gaat u naar huis met de in Europa niet verkrijgbare Microsoft Band 2.0. Kortom, een volle week van 700 sessies samengevat in een dagdeel vlakbij huis waarmee u weer volledig op de hoogte bent.


13:00 Inloop en Welkom
13:30 Keynote Ignite Comes To You
14:15 Onze PACE methodiek om Office365 bij 2.750 gebruikers te introduceren
14:45 Scenario Slimmer vergaderen met Skype For Business & de Surface Hub
15:30 Van e-mail ping-pong naar echte samenwerking met & SharePoint
15:45 Running a collaborative business met Beezy
16:30 Ask The Experts & Quiz to win the Microsoft Band 2.0
17:00 Borrel


Om de sessie voor iedereen interactief te kunnen houden, is het aantal deelnemers voor deze sessie beperkt. Reserveer daarom snel uw stoel via onderstaand formulier:



More about PACE methodology.