Microsoft Teams update: What’s new today?

Teams is always getting better and better, also because it is continuously improving its functionalities in order to respond to the feedbacks and needs of customers. In 2018, the latest version had been released and it is plenty of new and exciting features: control who can post in General; keyboard shortcuts; hide chats; meeting improvements; Who bot.

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Rogers Adoption Curve put into Practice

Do you remember life we had mobile phones? And when they were new, seeing people on the street making calls, seemed weird. Irritating attention-seekers, who would want to have a private conversation on public transport? The Roger’s Adoption Curve can tell the story of this development.

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Projects – Teams or Planner

Planner was launched about a year before Teams, at a time the concept of groups being created by users was still pretty new to most of us. A daunting prospect for IT teams, who saw the nightmare of managing an uncontainable creation of data and sites/teams/plans. Chaos, anarchy and disorder!

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