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Let Technology Improve How Work Gets Done

Technology alone won’t improve your business results. Whether you are migrating from an on-premises Microsoft SharePoint platform to Office 365 & SharePoint Online, migrating from another platform, or if you only have Exchange/Outlook on-premises and shared network drives, it’s very important to implement the technology so that it contributes to your business goals.

Why should I move from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams?

One of the most frequently asked questions at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour was: Why should I move from Skype for Business to Teams? How do I make this transition? Besides the resources offered by Microsoft, you can also use our eBook “Your journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams”.

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Microsoft Teams is THE collaboration platform. It is the first thing I check every morning, even before my Outlook. But, like Juliet’s search for Romeo, there are three capabilities I’m still searching for in Teams.

Adding Interactional Types to Structure Conversations

“Question” and “Announcement” are the new types in Yammer and Microsoft Teams. They are meant to stimulate interaction and give structure to conversations. How to support conversational dynamics in Office 365?

When Shifting Desks Doesn’t Work: Pair-Ups

How to create the conditions for growing a collaboration mindset? Pair-up team members. How? With a Microsoft Teams bot: Icebreaker.

Productivity Growth and Tech Investment: Ouch

Higher investments in new technology= improved productivity? Not really, according to a recent study of Forrester. So, what’s going wrong?

From Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams: Not only a migration!

Moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams? It is not just about a change of app or technical migration. It is about change management and user adoption.

Your Journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now a complete meeting and calling solution, having all the Skype for Business Online features. Microsoft is encouraging organisations to move to Teams from Skype for Business. But this doesn’t mean a mere change or application. It entails a complete business transformation. This eBook will support you during the change process.

After our PACE Workshop, attendees said…

After our PACE workshop held this month, participants expressed their opinion about it… and we are very happy with it! Find out more about your User Adoption for Office 365 workshop! Works are in progress for the next date!

Strategic Allocation of Minutes Saved

Are you measuring productivity and effectiveness with the minutes saved per employee per day? Are you sure that this gives business value? Rather than trying to sweep up as many 1-2 minutes of saved time at the end of the day to create enough time quantum to do something with, invest the totality of them upfront in a key strategic project, opportunity or client. That’s how you can get your Return-on-Investment.

SharePoint Saturday Netherlands: Vianen and User Adoption for Office 365

29th June 2019, Vianen. Join the 9th edition of SharePoint Saturday Netherlands! A day entirely dedicated to Office 365, SharePoint and much more! Don’t miss our session “Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365?” at 9:30!

User Adoption for Office 365: How to Lock-in a Return-on-Investment

This eBook focuses on rethinking how you can get your Office 365 return-on-investment. There are many approaches to get your ROI. You can measure it in terms of time saved, quicker work processes, get more work done, reduce travel cost, reduce the cost for on-premises infrastructure. But which approach is really meaningful for you and your organization?

Azure, Office 365 & SharePoint Community will welcome us in Moscow!

aOS Moscow: Join us on 9 July! We will present the session “From send-to to share with”. This is not a ‘what can the app do’ demo! This is about changing your collaboration mindset. From emails to collaboration using Microsoft Teams!

SharePoint Saturday Omaha: Co-author documents, collaborate and communicate with Office 365

Saturday 3rd August: SharePoint Saturday Omaha. Our world tour continues! This time Sasja Beerendonk will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Omaha! The session is entitled “Collaborate to Co-Author Documents using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office”.

Yammer for Work and Learning: A Story from Kellogg’s

Yammer – a place for work that drives improvement and engagement. The story of Yammer’s adoption strategy used at Kellogg’s.

Shifting Desks Every Few Months: A Cultural Practice for Collaboration

“At our Amsterdam headquarters, we want members of our team to show up as the best version of themselves”- Henk Jan Beltman, Tony’s Chocolate. As our PACE methodology suggests, culture and behavioural practices shape collaboration dynamics and the company culture of an organization. And Henk certainly knew it during his journey of creating chocolate 100% slave free.

ESPC 2019 webinar: Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Office – the ideal threesome for co-authoring documents

Waiting for ESPC 2019 to start in December? Register to this webinar in the meantime! Co-authoring documents using Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Office 365.

Highlights from the SharePoint Conference 2019

The top 3 highlights from SharePoint Conference 2019? SharePoint Home Sites, OneDrive Files App and the Social Layer in Yammer.

Collaboration and Difference

The prerequisite of effective collaboration is cultivating collaborative human behaviours. Being different and diverse should always enrich collaboration.

Making Meetings Better with Microsoft’s Conversation Transcription

During the Build conference for 2019, Microsoft announced some updates around Conversation Transcription. It offers real-time transcription of multi-user conversations with automatic speaker attribution, even through cross-talk. Conversation Transcription will help remote meeting attendees and will better support cross-cultural teams. How can this feature improve the quality of your daily meetings?

When You’re Not Allowed to Talk (Ever)

When an information barrier policy is in place, it essentially makes invisible the people who are not allowed to interact: Information Barriers in Microsoft Temas and Office 365.

Invitation to Silverside’s PACE Workshop

Join Sivlerside’s workshop: Rotterdam, 7 June! Our first public workshop based on the new PACE methodology is coming up, and it would be great to have you there if more effective collaboration is important in your organisation.

Learn how to create the best Office 365 User Adoption Plan

Are you looking for best practices to ensure a better outcome for your Microsoft Office 365 project? Learn how to create your own user adoption plan resulting in maximum adoption of your Microsoft Office 365 platform, using our PACE methodology. 

Proud sponsors and speakers at Office 365 & SharePoint Connect 2019

Proud sponsors of the conference Office 365 & SharePoint Connect 2019! This year find us on our booth and on stage! We will be presenting the session “Start your journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams”!

SharePoint Saturday Atlanta: Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365?

Join us at SharePoint Saturday Atlanta on 11th May! This time the session is entitled: “Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365?”

The Risk of Being the Sucker

The fear of being exploited by others is the greatest threat to cooperation. People hold back from cooperating to protect themselves. What are the implications of this behaviour on collaboration?

Improving Performance Across Teams: Shared Learning

What to do when one team outperforms other teams year-after-year, even though the team composition changes? The answer is easy: Shared learning.

When the Technology Gets in the Way

At the local Office 365 and SharePoint User Group meeting this week, the first speaker provided a case study on how his organisation was navigating the migration to OneDrive for Business. While OneDrive is supposed to be one of the easier tools to implement, the reality he portrayed was much more complex, with several issues undermining the initial project plan.

Hallelujah! Microsoft Teams Praise is here

Microsoft Teams Praise is here to help your employees express their recognition for outstanding work. Praise colleagues in a chat or conversation using badges. With Microsoft Teams Praise you can build a culture of self-improvement, achieve higher retention and make your employees happier and therefore more productive.

The Importance of Good Communication in User Adoption

Communication is one of the most important factors for your Office 365 adoption project. But building a good communication strategy is challenging. Don’t worry, this eBook will help you!

Architecting smarter meetings

In this eBook, you will learn how to detect and ban bad meetings from your agenda. We will also explain how you can architect better meetings that will enable you to save time, ensure higher quality, and to be more productive and effective.

SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg: we are coming!

Proud of our senior consultant Sasja Beerendonk who will speak at the SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg conference 6th April! Don’t miss her session: “Collaborate to Co-author Documents, using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office”.

Email less, talk more

Telling us to use email only for private, personal and asynchronous communication only, nothing much seems to change.
Maybe something will make you reconsider using email for just about everything.

The Push for Private Channels in Microsoft Teams

CollabTalk hosted a tweetjam on March 28 to discuss the push for private channels in Microsoft Teams. 7 questions were covered. What were the answers? And what do I think about this? For me it is all about mindset. We tend to think in hierarchical folders ever since mankind has stored content.

Discover Microsoft Teams

Discover Microsoft Teams in a rich-media highly interactive way! Microsoft has created the Teams Adoption Flipbook. This interactive guide will help you discover and learn how to implement & adopt Microsoft Teams. Check out all the rich-media resources here!

From Meeting Madness to Meeting Effectiveness

Hating meetings nowadays is trendy. It is indeed not so difficult to become a meeting hater. Your agenda is fully packed with meetings. You cannot go on with your work. Most of the meetings you have during the day are ineffective and a waste of time. I called this “meeting madness”. How can you survive? Having smarter meetings, using the right technology: Microsoft Teams.

When Community Types Intersect

Every organization is made of different community types. These communities can collaborate using Office 365 tools. But which tool is more suitable for every community type? What happens if different communities overlap? The recent integration between Microsoft Teams and Yammer could be the right answer to this issue.

Saving Lives with Microsoft Teams

During the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference last month, it was no surprise to hear from Microsoft about new innovations for healthcare organisations. Microsoft Teams has now several innovations to help healthcare workers to save lives: Urgent messaging, message delegation, image sharing within Teams, and integration with electronic healthcare records.

Create your User Adoption Strategy for Office 365

Dealing with user adoption for Office 365 is complex. For a successful project, what you need is a proper strategy. But how to build it? In this eBook Silverside presents its vision on User Adoption for Office 365. We will dive into the main factors you should focus on for building a successful adoption strategy.

10 Minutes a Day

In 2021, AI augmentation will generate $2.9 trillion in business value and recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity. Large numbers, right? If we translate these numbers, we get a saving of 9.57 minutes per knowledge worker per day, thanks to AI.

A Better You

Apple’s ad from September last year is a perfect example of progressive improvement at play. This should be the guiding principle for user adoption as well. Instead of aiming for perfection as step one, take the first step – however faltering and uncertain – and then a second, and then third. Pay attention to what’s working, what’s not, what you would like to try next, and keep adjusting along the way.

Sales meeting notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Curious about some practical use cases for Office 365? Read further to learn about Sales meeting notes using Microsoft Teams and OneNote.

Enabling Firstline Workers to Learn and Succeed

HoloLens 2 has just been pushed on the market by Microsoft. This time, the emphasis is on helping firstline workers, thanks to augmented reality and Dynamics 365.

Effective Use of Microsoft Teams

What does effective use of Microsoft Teams look like? Using the low, medium and high effectiveness scale to map behaviours and approaches.

Collaboration in Alzheimer’s Research

We always say that collaboration isn’t about the technology you use – it’s the mindset and approach to getting work done. And in the case of Alzheimer’s disease, Paul Cox’s new collaboration-based approach is creating a roadmap for health transformation that has been missing in action.

Driving Change into Daily Life

One of the basic principles of achieving effective change? Embed change into the habits and practices of everyday life. Easy to say, but not to do. The secret relies on creating tiny habits, small and simple changes that, repeated regularly will help you adopt also the biggest changes.

Something More Than Active Use

There is an enormous difference between being an Office 365 user and using Office 365 apps in an effective way. We need something more than “active use” as a way of assessing usage of Office 365.

Helping People Get Better

The core of introducing new technology to help people get better – is to help people get better. Real people like Jane, Bill, and Judith. People first.

Sleepless in Seattle, Sydney and Stockholm

The Digital Workplace Group is hosting a 24 hour extravaganza of digital workplace goodness in late February. Learn from practitioners and thought leaders.

Our Alone in Pursuit of a Better Together

Collaborating with others requires something the technology can’t ever offer: the human willingness to offer our alone in pursuit of a better together.

How to get the most out of your Microsoft Office 365 investment?

Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 can cost organizations a lot of money. The investment is huge. But how do you know whether and how your employees are going to use and exploit the possibilities that Office 365 can offer them in terms of productivity, collaboration and smart working?
By helping your end-users understand how those capabilities can improve their team collaboration and simplify their day-to-day tasks, you can make some positive changes for your company, starting to act for your return on investment. Yet, a proper user adoption and change management strategy is what you really need.

SharePoint Conference 2019 – Coming in May

The SharePoint Conference is happening again in May 2019. But don’t let the “SharePoint” name confuse you; it’s about a whole lot more than just SharePoint.

Top 9 tech trends you don’t want to miss in 2019

In 2019 we all crave for innovations. So, which are the newest trends in technology for this year? We envisioned these 9 protagonists. Among them, you will recognise some well-known names like chatbots, user experience, user adoption, augmented reality, connected cloud.

Gartner on Adoption and Value of Office 365

In the new chapter of Michael Sampson’s book the author claims that adoption isn’t the goal: achieving better business value is. One chapter in this book explores this idea, outlining various principles for measurement, plus strategies for measuring with business value in mind.

Cratering Adoption Metrics – CollabTalk Q5

Michael’s answer to question 5 of the CollabTalk session on Employee Adoption and Engagement, hosted by Christian Buckley on January 29, 2019.

166 Million Monthly Active Users of Office 365

Microsoft didn’t provide an updated number of monthly active users of Office 365 for its latest quarter. So Michael worked it out for them: 166 million.

Low Adoption and Digital Transformation – CollabTalk Q3

Michael’s answer to question 3 of the CollabTalk session on Employee Adoption and Engagement, hosted by Christian Buckley on January 29, 2019.

The Keys to Employee Adoption and Engagement

Michael’s answers to two of the questions at the #Collabtalk session on Employee Adoption and Engagement, hosted by Christian Buckley on January 29, 2019.

Change Resistance and the Invitation of No

Change resistance is an invitation for real engagement, interaction, dialogue, and conversation. Thoughts on “no” as part of the #ChangeBlogChallenge.

Office 365 Adoption at Z Energy in New Zealand

Lessons from the Z Energy case study on adopting Microsoft Office 365, including scenarios, people leaders and change champions, and tracking the numbers.

Digital transformation: Are we leading to a new era?

The new era of digital transformation is user adoption. Organizations that embraced new technologies and new ways of working and collaborate must now go a step further: investing in user adoption strategies to ensure that employees use in their daily practice and in a smarter way the new tools. If user adoption is a milestone, which are the main user adoption trends in 2019?

Trim Tab Strategies for a Better You

Trim tab strategies definitely help with user adoption, but the principle applies to life too. Trim tab your challenges and daily situations. Some ideas …

Trim Tab Strategies in the User Adoption Journey

Trim tab strategies for user adoption are small and seemingly inconsequential, but like the real thing, create significant change.

Sales is the blood circulation of a company

How difficult it is to make people change their attitude towards sales and marketing? We interviewed Harry Clarijs, coach and trainer at Value Add. From his experience, he said that changing people behaviour is always challenging. But with the right attitude and strategy, everybody can change their way of working with sales and marketing, achieving more.

Transition from Slack to Microsoft Teams

Parallel to that Microsoft Teams overtook Slack per number of active users, many companies are also following the trend: migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams. Even if the process is complex and it may take some efforts, after the migration will be completed you will have no regrets, guaranteed.

Social media trends 2019

Which are the trends on social media that will shape 2019? Hootsuite published a report with the main guidelines to help marketers and brands adjust their social media strategy. The main trends are five: trust, stories, advertisement, e-commerce and messaging.

The impact of Trust in Teamwork

Trust is a key factor in teamwork, especially when we are talking about global and remote teams that have to collaborate together. During the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference we interviewed the Finnish company Solu Digital, who shared with us the outcomes of their research about trust in teamwork.

Celebrate the Release of Domino V 10.0.1!

It’s Christmas time for the IBM community as well and this year we received a very nice present: the release of the new Domino version 10.0.1! A lot of new functionalities and many issues solved! We can start the new year in an exciting way!

How Microsoft Teams overtook Slack in one year

A Spiceworks survey found out that Microsoft Teams overtook Slack for the number of active users. How could this happen after just one year from the release in 2017 of Microsoft Teams? Which are the predictions for the future of team and enterprise collaboration?

More User Adoption, Less Technology

The European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference 2018 took place in Copenhagen. It has been a great experience for Silverside and we are working hard to put into practice all the insights we collected. How to describe the conference in a few words? More user adoption, less technology!

IBM Notes: Working with text-formatting is easy

How to work easily with text formatting in IBM Notes? In this blog, I explain how you can change your default email text style in a simple and easy way. You will be able to apply your favourite text style to any selected rich-text. And if you want to do it even quicker, use F11!

Collaborative Culture Assessment for Office 365

How do you know which user adoption strategy for Office 365 is best for your organization? Do the test and you will receive an answer.

My first week using Microsoft Teams mobile app

More and more organizations are using Microsoft Teams as their main collaboration platform. But how many employees use Microsoft Teams on their mobile devices? Some weeks ago I decided to download Microsoft Teams Mobile App. I observed the changes in my way of working, the pros and cons. All my thoughts resulted in this blog.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection

Big goals, dreams and new and improved processed that will make our lives easier, more productive and more satisfying. Faster delivery, cost reduction and happy team members. That’s what we want.

Why training is not enough

Allow me to paint you a familiar picture here. You’ve spent all this money on Office365. It’s there. People have access to all these cool features that will make their lives easier. So, there you are, feeling good about your management skills – you did give your team the proper means to succeed.

Change management is about communication first

How are professionals dealing with change management projects in their daily practice? At Gunco BV, the Product Specialist and Business Analyst Sander Verheuvel explains that communication is the first, essential step for the change management projects he is involved in. But is communication enough to be successful?

Artificial Intelligence? No, Chatbots are dumber than you think

The discussion about artificial intelligence is very vivid nowadays. But what is AI? Cognitive computing or something else? Almost every company decides to implement chatbots on their websites, pretending they are using AI. But is it really like that? Our expert shares his vision on the topic.

A SharePoint developer’s perspective on Microsoft Teams workshops

A SharePoint developer, Jovita Elzbutaite, shares her thoughts and experience after having participated in our workshops about Microsoft Teams. She found them very useful for organizations that just migrated to Office 365 and are looking for new ways of team collaboration within Microsoft suite.

Task management in Office 365: Use To-Do

Managing all your individual tasks is never easy. However, Microsoft offers its users various tools to help them with task management: Planner, Outlook, Calendar, OneNote, etcetera. However, after Microsoft Ignite 2018, it is quite clear that Microsoft To-Do will become the hub for task management, the place in which you can manage all your tasks across different platforms, thanks to new features and integrations.

The untold story about change management

Many organizations are struggling with change management and user adoption. The risk of a badly managed change and user adoption strategy is high without the right expertise and methodology. Despite this, it is not so common to have customers or affiliates that are open to talk about their struggles when things go wrong. Silverside presents this anonymous Q&A with one of our customers. The IT manager shared with us the untold story about how change management is being underestimated and unexploited by his company, causing many troubles in their process of change towards Office 365.

Microsoft Ignite 2018: Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork

In the changing modern workplace of today, a solution is needed to provide employees the tools to work in a more productive and collaborative way. That solution is Microsoft Teams. With the new functionalities and integrations, Microsoft Teams becomes the primary business communication platform and hub for teamwork. Smarter meetings and team collaboration are boosted thanks to Microsoft Teams in this changing modern workplace.

Downward Trend Lines (Part 7)

Employee engagement, market share, and revenue are following the downward trend lines. What can be done to reverse course?

Webinar: Insight into Sales Meetings Done Smarter: Meeting Notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Last week our senior consultant Sasja Beerendonk held a webinar Insight into Sales Meetings Done Smarter: Meeting Notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote
The workshop was focused on insights into how to do sales meetings smarter sharing the real-life experience of an international Silverside customer Omron Healthcare.

How to reduce the cost of a user adoption strategy?

How to reduce the cost of user adoption strategy? Silverside presents an Office365 knowledge-base QuickHelp that gives a relevant, personalize and timely content.

7 things that will help you running successful projects

What does all modern knowledge workers have in common? Projects.
The amount of existing research about projects and project management is huge in the academic world. However, even though these studies are useful guidelines, contributing to expanding the knowledge of managers and project managers, sometimes research is far away from real life and daily practice. Successful projects do not just happen. They require structured planning, the right tools, insightful management, and good interpersonal skills.

How to change users’ behavior?

We all have some behavior that we would like to change in ourselves or encourage others to change in a positive way. Sometimes we see the clear value of doing things differently, but for some reason, we do not change our behavior.

Beyond People and Technology (Part 6)

Refining the mindmaps for people and technology with Mal. Introducing process, and re-allocating some of the existing ideas. And what else?

“Towards an enhanced learning experience”

User adoption, change management and training are very complex topics. To become real experts, a long-term experience is needed for professionals. How do user adoption trainers and change managers face these issues in the real life? To answer this question, we interviewed Jan van Vledder, a training consultant with over 25 years of experience in training, change management, and user adoption fields.

Unboxing Technology (Part 5)

Unboxing what the word “technology” means for the journey of transformation. Just like with “people,” technology has a next level down.

4 reasons why IT is a challenging environment

Nowadays employees have more work and less time, so technologies come to help us to work more productive. However, it brings some IT challenges that users have to overcome.

Unpacking People (Part 4)

Unpacking what the word “people” means for the journey of modernisation. Taking the word to the next level down, with avenues to explore.

People and Technology (Part 3)

Thoughts on the intersection between people and technology, and how the gift of a tool comes to define the recipient. But change is possible.

The importance of Corporate Email Signature

Your email signature is as important as any other part of your corporate identity. Having a consistent, simple, clean signature with the corporate logo that reflects the identity of the company is the right approach to increase the positive perception of the company in the eyes of customers and prospects, while providing an instant brand recognition of the organization. That’s why a corporate email signature is fundamental for every company.

Magic and Modernisation (Part 2)

A magic trick can’t be created with a single element working alone. Multiple elements have to be brought together. The modernisation journey is similar.

What If (Part 1)

Once upon a time there was a person with an idea; whether the person was a male or female didn’t matter for the sake of this story, but the idea mattered.

The Outlook on Outlook

Microsoft profiled new updates for Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web. It’s good to see the changes, but collaboration is best done elsewhere.

Microsoft Teams external communication

Currently, many organizations are using the Skype consumer client for external communication. However, Microsoft is suggesting that we should use Microsoft Teams as main business communication platform, also for video calls. You would think that Microsoft Teams will support external communication with Skype consumer, since Skype for Business has it? Well, no! Microsoft is limiting organizations to use Microsoft Teams with no possibility to communicate with external parties that don’t use this app. But nothing to say about the future, Microsoft is still learning from its own mistakes.

Improving the German Team

Microsoft announced the timeframe for new German data centres for Office 365. Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 innovations are coming soon.

Join Sasja Beerendonk at Office 365 and SharePoint Connect 2018

This year, Office 365 & SharePoint Connect conference comes to Haarlem, Netherlands. Here the best independent experts from around the world and Microsoft will meet to talk about the possibilities Microsoft offers to innovate the It and Business sectors and how companies and professionals should deal with it.

Remote Team Work: How to communicate efficiently in the digital age?

Remote team working is becoming a habit. Yet, people who work on remote teams still face many challenges that require new collaboration skills to be faced. the challenges of digital interactions and remote team working cannot be solved by the technology teams use. Miscommunication is always a high risk, but by understanding the new rules of engagement and building the right communication skills among the team members, can help remote teams to work more efficiently, facing the challenges that our digitally-driven age brings.

Migrating Domino or Lotus Notes applications

In the current IT landscape, moving applications to the Cloud is becoming the norm. The question that arises is: “Can we move our Lotus Notes application to the Cloud?” And the short answer is “Yes”. But you probably do not want to use Lotus Notes clients anymore. What if you move your Lotus Notes application to the Web first? This would give the users a modern web application, making this platform and device independent and cloud-enabled.

Effective Meetings are Not About Speed

Microsoft Teams provides new capabilities to enable faster and quicker meetings. But more effective meetings is fundamentally about slowing down.

Microsoft Teams for Meetings and Calling

Microsoft is adding meeting and calling capabilities from Skype for Business Online into Microsoft Teams. It’s getting there, but hasn’t arrived yet.

Microsoft Teams – August 2018 Updates

Microsoft Teams, the team collaboration app in Office 365, has been improved during August 2018. Here’s some of the recent additions and enhancements.

The Big Picture Changes in Office 365 – Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the megatrends in Office 365, knocking both SharePoint Online and Skype for Business Online out of the leading position for team collaboration.

How to make IT service desk’s life easier?

A help desk provides end users with support and information related to a product or service offered by a company. A help desk’s main purpose is to troubleshoot issues or problems and also guide end users about a product or service such as computers, software, electronic equipment etc.

5 steps to make business meetings more engaging

Meetings are one of the most powerful communication tools in companies. However, if not managed correctly, they can have serious negative consequences.
Without strong participation from all stakeholder groups and participants, meetings are ineffective, they fail to reach their aims, becoming a waste of time and opportunities.

Behaviors of effective leaders during organizational changes

Business in this fast-moving environment is looking for the opportunity to change old ways of working into new ones- more efficient, modern, faster.
This is important for any organization because, without change, businesses would likely lose their competitive edge and fail to meet their objectives.

Barriers to the Adoption of New Technologies

User adoption is a situation in which users adopt a new system that works to fill a specific need of the organization. Many factors can affect the rate of adoption, including an innovation’s characteristics, and various economic, sociological, organizational, psychological variables. Understanding the rate of adoption in any given situation requires analyzing factors that may facilitate the adoption, but above all those that may operate as barriers to adoption.
A recent study conducted by the Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana listed the three main barriers to the user adoption of new technologies: unreliability and skepticism; lack of time to learn the new technology; lack of support from the organization.

How to make your employees feel confident about working with Office 365?

Nowadays new tools have been created to help IT support to reduce the number of requests from end users. This is done by providing content that fosters user adoption and helps Office 365 users to find support and the information they need directly, offering also new possibilities of learning.

Transformation or Ordinary Change?

When it comes to change the technology in a company, like in the case of a migration to Microsoft Office 365 from another software, something more than just changing the software or applications should happen. Indeed, instead of just an ordinary change, a complete technological transformation that involves the whole company should take place. But what differentiate a transformation from an ordinary change?

We believe in the future with Microsoft Teams

During our workshops our senior change consultant Sasja Beerendonk presented how Microsoft Teams became a great, handy and open digital environment that makes work easier.

How can 5 min learning be more efficient than hours in a workshop?

To encourage your employees to learn, managers need to provide them good quality, relevant, always updated learning content that is available at any time. Is time the main issue why your employees are reluctant to learn? Silverside has a solution. We believe that by taking only 5 minutes per day to learn, everyone can become a master in Office 365 tools.

How to build a learning culture in your workplace?

Technologies bring many opportunities, but also many challenges, people can be replaced by technologies in some cases, but at the same time programmes help us to work more efficiently. However, this requires additional skills – a person needs to know how to do a job, but also how to use these all tools that help to work faster and more productive.

How to instill change in your organization? 25 is the magic number

Research says that to trigger change in a social group or community, only the 25% of the members is needed to instill change in the whole community. After having reached the tipping point of 25%, the adoption of new behaviors will be smooth for the whole social group. How can this result impact change management and user adoption strategies in organizations all over the world?

What is Really Important?

Running a successful company requires embracing the essential few and ignoring the trivial many. The story of finding the essential mission for Silverside.

The successful key to learn how to use Office 365

Silverside is proud to be the first company based in The Netherlands to collaborate with BrainStorm, providing our customers with a great tool: QuickHelp. The BrainStorm QuickHelp Program is a Microsoft-sponsored project created to help end users to be more satisfied and efficient while using Office 365 tools.

Hide groups synced by Azure AD Connect (O365)

When you are syncing local Active Directory groups to Microsoft Office365 using Azure AD Connect, you can hide groups from Outlook’s Global Address List (GAL) by setting “Hide group from Exchange address lists”. This method works, but it requires that the Exchange schema is added to your Active Directory. If you migrated all your mail servers out to O365, you probably prefer an Active Directory without the Exchange schema. If that’s your situation, you are stuck. But I have an “Azure AD Connect trickery” to solve it.

How effective meetings can save your business life

Meetings are extremely valuable for organizational life. Despite being so important, recent studies confirm that today business leaders spend more time in meetings than in the past and this trend is even expected to increase in the future. But does actually having so many meetings lead to concrete benefits for the organization? Hold more productive meetings that save time and are outcome-focused is the only way to escape the meeting madness.

More Workshops and Learning to Laugh

The continuing story of Silverside: more workshops on user adoption in 2014 and 2015, and learning to laugh together during the funny moments.

Change is the New Normal

Today, change has become the new normal, also in the business world. Transformation in the technologies, business practices and strategies are mandatory for organizations in every sector to keep the economy’s pace. But transformations are highly risky, above all when it comes to new technologies and management strategies.
Leaders are confronted with an increasing rate of change and complexity and need to find ways to deal with it. Change is needed, but how do organizations deal with it?

QuickHelp: Employee onboarding with Office 365

Newcomers have a great variety of skills, they have knowledge in a specific area and are motivated to show their value within an organization. However, in most of the cases they are lacking technical skills in using Office 365 tools effectively.

SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference 2018

Join us at ESPC 26-29 November 2018 in Copenhagen! ESPC is Europe’s leading online community, providing educational resources and encouraging collaboration. Each year ESPC gathers SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure experts from around the world in one European location for the largest conference of its kind.

The Silverside shop just landed on our website!

We’re proud to announce a new entry in our Silverside website. We have created our e-shop! The Silverside Shop is the place where to get the latest products and content to make change easier and increase user adoption of your Microsoft Office 365 or IBM Connections environment. Indeed, all our knowledge, the expertise of our consultants and our great experience is stored in one single place. Content, materials, and workshops are directly available for everyone with just one click.

From the Fake Beach to Gouda

After the fake beach came a workshop in Gouda in June 2013. Part two of the unwritten Silverside story.

Enabling Cultural Transformation: An Example

An example of using the Silverside Collaborative Culture Assessment to enable cultural transformation in the collaboration style of a team.

Beyond Cultural Fit with Silverside’s Collaborative Culture Assessment

Silverside’s Collaborative Culture Assessment provides a structured approach for creating a heatmap of your culture. Your heatmap provides a point-in-time statement on collaboration in your culture, which can be used when planning how to become a collaborative business and as a strategic tool for enhancing the culture.

Employee training and development is more important than you think

Companies have to motivate their employees and train them. Hence, training is not a luxury, but it is a ‘must’ if a company wants to be successful in a modern dynamic business environment.

Use your email to stand out from the crowd ! Crossware reference story

Emails may be considered old fashioned, but in reality, they’re still the most widely used and successful marketing channel. Email marketing today recognizes the value of building your brand – emails should share your company branding, look consistent, be personalized, and display equally well on every device (mobile especially, since everyone is checking their inboxes on their phone). At the Engage event that took place in Rotterdam on May 2018, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Abbitt, Sales Support Manager for EMEA at Crossware, an international leader in company email signature management. Crossware’s flagship product, Crossware Mail Signature, gives users complete control over their company email signatures.

Once Upon a Time … The Story Begins

The telling of the Silverside story and dream, including the PACE approach for change and user adoption. All stories have to start somewhere, even if it’s a fake beach.

Office 365 training: Collaborate as a Team

16th July 2018 at Silverside (Rotterdam, NL)
Do you want to get started with Office 365 in your organisation? Have you used Microsoft Teams yet in your organisation? With all the apps and possibilities in Office 365, what should we do to start ‘Collaborating as a Team’ effectively?

Office 365 training: Co-authoring documents

23rd July 2018 at Silverside (Rotterdam, NL)
Learn how your employees can start ‘Co-authoring documents’ using OneDrive, Teams and other Office 365 apps in this free training Co-authoring documents.

IT manager’s attitude: changes are for people, not for the IT department

How to go successfully through changes within the organization? Marc Aerts is IT manager at CNC since 2005. He shared his insights and experience about change management and user adoption.

Continuous learning is a ‘must do’ in business

The biggest challenge that technologies bring to business is user adoption: getting employees trained on new tools of working. At first, employees are stressed about new technologies coming into their workplace.

Smarter collaboration on files in Office 365

In the previous article you could read why e-mail and fileshares are not suitable for smart collaboration on files. It happens because fileshares and folder structures give a tunnel vision, no options for version management, there is often a swamp of files where no one can find anything anymore.

IBM Brings native Notes/Domino apps to iPad and more in Domino 10

In October 2017 IBM announced that it initiated a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies for the Lotus portfolio (Notes, Domino, Verse and Sametime). As business partners we were hesitant what to think of this. The promises of this partnership looked good, but as typical Dutch we choose for a wait-and-see approach.

Online Webinar: Smarter Sales Meetings with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Wed, Sep 19, 2018 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST: Online webinar ”Insight into Sales Meetings Done Smarter: Meeting Notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote” with our change consultant Sasja Beerendonk.

Make Change Management happen!

What happens in an organization when IT managers say: ”From next week on, we are going to use Microsoft Office 365”? Microsoft Office 365 has more than 20 apps at the user disposal. How can employees know which app is the best for planning, collaborating, communicating, working in their daily practice? Which app fits the best for the working method and the culture of the organization? How to manage all these changes in a constructive and effective way?
The PACE methodology has an answer for all these questions. With the four phases Plan, Acquire, Change, Enhance, managing the organizational changes in the method of working and in technologies is just easier for managers, consults and end users.

Why online learning is the best solution for Office 365 training?

Online learning is about learning by using technologies, and by learning this way there are certain things that we can do differently comparing to an offline learning environment.

The right approach: fix problems and learn at the same time with QuickHelp

QuickHelp is a cloud-based training solution for Office 365 users, that is accessible anywhere at any time. This platform provides a lot of information that is useful for all end-users.

Email Branding: The next level of email marketing

Email branding is a way of advertising your business in your emails. This is done through the use of branding elements such as corporate logos, website links, tag lines, colour and the overall appearance and feel that is seen on your company’s website, newsletters, and overall brand image.

What’s new in Outlook? May 2018 Updates

Our team recently migrated from IBM verse to Microsoft Outlook. As being a new user I am exploring my new mail environment. Let’s take a look what improvements Microsoft did in 2018 May for Outlook users to make their work easier.

Notes from the Keynote at the SharePoint Conference 2018 – May 22, 2018

During the keynote, Jeff Teper and his team recounted recent updates to SharePoint Online, previewed coming changes, and made a splash with some new ideas. Here’s the key five points I took away from the content-packed keynote.

Microsoft Teams update: What’s new today?

Microsoft Teams is always getting better and better, also because it is continuously improving its functionalities in order to respond to the feedbacks and needs of customers. In 2018, the latest version had been released and it is plenty of new and exciting features: control who can post in General; keyboard shortcuts; hide chats; meeting improvements; Who bot.

Drag and drop in Outlook! The simplest trick that will make your work much easier

Microsoft Outlook isn’t just an email app, it is a personal information manager. Having everything in one place has its advantages, but there are still ways to use all these features more effectively.

Microsoft StaffHub for Frontline Workers

Microsoft has made significant strides in recent years addressing the needs of workers who don’t work on a computer throughout the day. Some people don’t touch a computer at work at all, and yet they still require company news, communications, and access to company resources.

Applying formal Project Governance to Microsoft Teams

Few would argue that using Teams for smaller, less formal projects is a breakthrough. But could we actually use Teams for very formal projects that require stricter governance and more control.

Changes Afoot for Microsoft OneNote

One of my friends once covered himself in Post-It Notes and walked into his local Microsoft office. He was hoping to become the product manager for Microsoft OneNote – hence the attention-grabbing way of presenting himself – but his approach was stymied because the receptionist didn’t even know what OneNote was.

Will WhatsApp Business threaten the supremacy of Microsoft Teams?

In January 2018 WhatsApp announced the release of the new app WhatsApp Business. It is a free Android app created for businesses so that they can interact and communicate internally or externally with customers, easily by using a tool that they already know. Will WhatsApp Business become one of the main competitors of Microsoft Teams, the currently most used communication hub and collaboration app by big businesses and ventures?

Getting on-board quickly with QuickHelp

Microsoft have sponsored an amazing user adoption initiative. The QuickHelp program created and almost instantly updated by Brainstorm Inc. We at Silverside are proud to be the first company based in The Netherlands to collaborate with BrainStorm, providing our customers with a this great learning tool.

Project Collaboration – how do you keep it all together?

Complex projects may require complex tools, but so much of what we do can technically be classed as a project without being complex. Collaborating on a project requires a specific set of skills and can be effectively done using standard apps in Office 365.

Projects – Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Planner

Planner was launched about a year before Teams, at a time the concept of groups being created by users was still pretty new to most of us. A daunting prospect for IT teams, who saw the nightmare of managing an uncontainable creation of data and sites/teams/plans. Chaos, anarchy and disorder!

eBook – Collaboration Framework

To make the adoption of Office 365 more successful, Silverside created the Change approach based on a mix of existing successful international concepts and methods.
Do you want to know more about the Silverside Change approach? Download our eBook.

eBook – Resistance to Change

To make the adoption of Office 365 more successful, Silverside created the Change approach based on a mix of existing successful international concepts and methods.
Do you want to know more about the Silverside Change approach? Download our eBook.

Be smart: Reduce meetings (and save time) with Microsft Teams

Time management has always been one of the central issues for managers. By using Microsoft Teams and Smarter Meetings you can easily reduce the time you spend in meetings, being more effective in the digital workspace of the future.

How to use Microsoft Teams to effectively prepare for a meeting

Think of the amount of meetings you have in a week… many of them! According to Bain & Company’s Time Management study from 2014, 15% of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings. It is estimated that senior executives spend 50% to 75% of their time in meetings with each other. Microsoft Teams can help you prepare better for a more efficient meeting!

eBook – Adoption Plan

To make the adoption of Office 365 more successful, Silverside created the Change approach based on a mix of existing successful international concepts and methods.
Do you want to know more about the Silverside Change approach? Download our eBook.

eBook – Communication Plan

To make the adoption of Office 365 more successful, Silverside created the Change approach based on a mix of existing successful international concepts and methods.
Do you want to know more about the Silverside Change approach? Download our eBook.

Office 365 client use case: Product Launch Process

The Product Launch Process is the business process that supports the bringing to the EMEA market of newly developed products. Therefore the Product Launch Process (PLP) manages new product and service launches. Because the PLP has to ensure a timely product launch, the product launch process is a controlled, flexible and supportive process.

Zero Inbox: The dream of every manager now comes true with Microsoft Teams

The productivity expert Merlin Mann sustains that Inbox Zero is not related to the number of messages in your inbox. However, it is “the amount of time an employee’s brain is in his inbox.” Since time is limited, when an inbox is confused, full of messages, reminders, with a huge “to do” list, productivity and efficiency instantly decrease.The answer is Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams and Smarter Meetings

Microsoft announced further progress on its intelligent communications vision for Microsoft Teams, adding support for its own and third-party calling and meeting room devices.

How to plan your time working in Microsoft Teams? Get Microsoft Planner!

Since, we all work in such a complex and dynamic environment it’s easy to get lost in those thousands of tasks and deadlines. How we can help ourselves and our colleagues to feel more relaxed and get around to all tasks they need to do?

Collaborative Culture Assessment

How do you know which user adoption strategy for Office 365 is best for your organization? Do the test and you will receive an answer.

QuickHelp: a learning tool for all employees

Silverside is proud to be the first company based in The Netherlands to collaborate with BrainStorm, providing our customers with a great tool QuickHelp. The BrainStorm QuickHelp™ Program is a Microsoft-sponsored project created to help end users, all levels employees and also managers to be more satisfied and efficient while using technologies.

T-Bot: How to help users with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub in Office 365 for teamwork that empowers people to communicate and collaborate in one single place. Millions of people nowadays, all over the world are using Teams as a crucial tool in their workplace. Due to its wide use, many Teams users experience various difficulties while using the tools, have different questions, ask for different functionalities, face divergent issues.
In order to help users to use correctly Microsoft Teams and answering to their questions, Microsoft Teams provide users with T-Bot.

eBook – Change made easy for Office 365

To make the adoption of Office 365 more successful, Silverside created the Change approach based on a mix of existing successful international concepts and methods.
Do you want to know more about the Silverside Change approach? Download our eBook.

4 Steps to Change your Company Culture

The best way to start the change of a company culture, is to know where your company culture exactly is. This means it is important to understand which specific characteristics shape it, the mission, the values and the vision.

Is Microsoft Teams overcoming Slack?

Microsoft Teams is One of the newest additions of Microsoft Office 365. It is described as a chat based workspace and a collaboration hub, used to share information, have team or private discussions, plan tasks and meetings and for many more activities to become a more collaborative business.

Office 365: Migration vs User Adoption

What is Microsoft’s fastest-growing commercial product ever? Doubtless, Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is a Software that comprehends a great set of tools and apps. The main goal is to facilitate productivity, office documentation, communication, collaboration and management skills. Some examples are: Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Yammer, Skype for Business, SharePoint.
Today, after six years from its first release, Office 365 is now attracting more and more companies in every sector of the economy. Yet, the adoption of this software is not uniform across industries.

How to help organizations embrace new technologies?

The biggest challenge that technologies bring to business is user adoption: getting employees trained on new tools of working. At first, employees are stressed about new technologies coming into their workplace.

Trust in teams is the core ingredient for better collaboration

If we want to collaborate more effectively as a team trust in teams is essential. Trust your colleagues will not delete content you created (‘own’). Trust we all keep to agreed ways of working, such as the responsibility to follow what is important to you and the team (and use notifications the way you prefer). Trust we have good intentions when communication goes wrong, and we mean well when providing feedback.
Trust does not come from controlled tools. Of course it helps when everybody know why we use the tool, how to use it and what the functionality is. But more importantly trust is about interaction and experiences as a team.

Productivity vs Efficiency: what is the difference?

When people talk about productivity and efficiency, they use these words as they have the same meaning, but in reality they have a different focus. Hence, people must understand this differences to avoid misunderstandings.

Smarter Decisions, Better Results

Managers and leaders of small, medium and large businesses in all the different sectors, have one big issue in common: taking decisions. The decision making process in an organization, is one of the most challenging and strategic functions of managers and leaders. Therefore, understanding the process of managerial decision making is an essential task to improve the decision making effectiveness.

Onboarding new employees: why it is important?

Onboarding new employees is one of the most critical cross-functional processes in a company. It is not an easy task to be productive when you just started working at a new company. The right process of onboarding people effects results and reminds that every improvement in onboarding can have a strong positive impact for your organization. In addition, onboarding has the same importance when people are joining new projects or even a new department. So, how to onboard new employees in the right way?

Make it colorful: an innovative company culture assessment

Company culture describes the environment in which employees work and defines certain elements within the company, such as company mission, vision, values and goals. More concretely, the difference between a team-based culture and a formal top-down culture indicates two very contrasting approaches that have their own pros and cons.

Running a project: How to prepare?

Once you realize that you and your team are about to work on a new project, having a concrete plan is essential. A lot of strategies based on project management claim that working on a project must be clear, with concrete steps and, most importantly, everyone within a team needs to know their tasks and responsibilities.

Become a LinkedIn expert and build your own business

Liesbeth Jansen is a LinkedIn expert and trainer. She runs the company leads2connect that helps employees to connect with Linkedln, making them explore and use better the social media for business purposes.

Productivity, Technology, People. How to solve the maze?

Robert Sigmond, IT Manager at Forbo Eurocol Nederland BV about Productivity, Technology and People. How to solve the maze?

Attend an online meeting from… everywhere you want! Use Skype for Business

Nowadays, many organizations are working worldwide. Communication with your colleagues and partners that are on the other side of the world, is becoming a habit. Skype for Business gives us the possibility to have a smarter meeting with many people, without being all in the same place.

Project Management has never been so simple: Thanks Microsoft Planner!

Using Planner you can create a plan, invite your team and colleagues, assign tasks, update progresses and start conversations. Moreover, you can attach files, set labels, create your own style and layout.

Running a Project using Office 365

Running a project using Office 365 could be challenging. Yet, thanks to productivity scenarios, the challenges can be transformed in opportunities. A productivity scenario offers guidance on how and when to use which Office 365 tool in their concrete daily work.

Work less, do more by finding the right expertise

Collaboration is an essential aspect in you daily life, both inside and outside your work environment. This working practise is about individuals working together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit.

What is a Productivity Scenario in Office 365?

How can Office 365 help you get things done better in your everyday workplace? Silverside presents productivity scenarios to provide the answer.


We come together to celebrate digital power, learn from inspirational industry leaders. Our mission for tomorrow is to built an inovative future based on colloboration and technology. When? May 22-23, 2018. Where?Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

IT manager – a leader of migration

Change management is essential when the organization is migrating to Office 365 software. Most of the staff are aware of this, however, there is one important aspect that managers have to pay attention to, this is a ‘user adoption’.

Save your time with Smarter Meetings productivity scenario 

Silverside introduces smarter meetings scenario to hold better meetings that save time and drive an outcomes-focus, by preparing appropriately for meetings beforehand and spending the actual meeting time on making well-informed decisions.

Do employees use new technologies in their workplace (for real)?

Introducing new technologies, tools, software, apps in your company can be seen as a simple thing: just choose the tool and then tell your employees to use it. But in the reality, things do not go this way. The process of user adoption is risky and challenging.

What Happens to the IT Department when you Migrate to the Cloud?

Disruptive technologies: Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, Cloud, Advanced Robotics, 3D Printing… We have all heard, read about, seen or experienced these first hand. We understand that they can have an impact on the economy and potentially on us.

IT manager’s experience: “What you need is the right attitude”

This week Silverside marketing team visited Baker Tilly Berk office in Rotterdam. We asked Matthijs de Zoeten, who is the manager of the IT department to share his experience with changes in IT departments: how to motivate people to use new applications and have the biggest advantages of every change.

“3 women can’t give a birth to a child in 3 months”

How to go smoothly through changes within the company and how to make change easier? Erwin Ronge agreed to share his insights and thoughts from his longtime working experience.

User Adoption Strategies for Office 365: Failure or Success?

When new technologies are introduced in a company, employees are expected to change their method of working and their habits to adopt the new tools and systems. Yet, as Michael Sampson points out, this is not so immediate, since change is a complex process.

Transform from an email culture to a collaborative culture

Whenever people start using new technology at work, they are confronted with a new tool and with a new way of working. Rather then just telling people about functionality we focus on how Office 365 apps are used for a specific productivity scenario.

The Four Stages Model of User Adoption

Michael Sampson is a Collaboration Strategist who advises end-user organizations worldwide on making collaboration work. He is the author of the book User Adoption Strategies (2012) where he wrote a chapter about The Four Stages Model of User Adoption.

How to foster Business Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

For many people, using a tool such as Teams could be considered as the most difficult thing in the world. But if leaders actually take the lead, inspire, motivate and train employees, the road toward a more collaborative business will be smooth and successful.

Co-authoring in Office 365: What’s the productivity value?

One of the greatest features available in Office 365 is co-authoring. With the current available tools in Office 365 collaboration can really take a productivity flight.

Is Your Organization a Community or Just a Collection of Teams?

Microsoft already has many products to support these teams – including Yammer, SharePoint, Skype-For-Business and Exchange email groups, but apparently, this is not enough. They have now launched a “Teams” application, which is very similar to Slack.

Slack’s Success and the Future of Enterprise Social Networks

Employee social networks can be transformative. Organizations can radically improve employee collaboration and organizational culture by implementing enterprise social networks (ESN), such as IBM Connections, SAP, Microsoft Yammer, Jive Software, or Slack.

Organizational Culture: Be Collaborative and run the World

Organizational culture is one of the most complicated concepts for companies engaged in business. Actually, we can consider it as an iceberg. The hidden part is the inner values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, expectations, collective memories, and definitions.

Collaboration: more than just a trend!

The concept of collaboration is perceived as a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve business benefit. Since, the world becomes more and more complex and sophisticated, collaboration has become a big part of our daily life.

How to make a collaboration real? Cisco case

Nowadays in this complex market will survive those companies that can adapt to business environment that is changing constantly. This Cisco example showed three main obstacles that appear on the Cisco way to more collaborative business.

From resistance to change, to motivation

Resistance to change is what you’ll get without a proper change strategy for your collaboration platform. Collaboration software implementations traditionally were an IT project. And IT people tend to be more ‘what’ people. Tools is what they do, and what they like. They get excited about functionalities and features. But unlike IT people, business users are not necessarily thrilled about new technology, features and functionalities. They have their work to do, and IT is just a means to an end. It’s a tool that needs to be used without costing extra time or effort (to learn, to execute tasks) for actual work. Without a proper change strategy employees will show resistance to change.

Understanding Rogers Adoption Curve

Rogers Adoption Curve shows how your employees adopt new technology in a different pace. It is important to motivate each group in Rogers Adoption Curve differently, and appeal to their specific needs and communication styles.

Be Productive by Choosing Productivity Scenarios

Most experts agree on benefits that collaboration can bring to business and claim that effective collaboration enhance the work productivity. Silverside presents more concrete information about productivity and shares productivity scenarios.

How to put Collaboration at the centre of your Business

In the hyper-modern era where we are living, new technologies and social media are affecting our way of working and living. The key to survive in this business environment, is collaboration.

New habits in a new year: why is change so hard?

Do you want to change something in your behaviour, private or for work? Habits are precisely habits, because they are entwined with our behaviour. With merely good intentions they are very difficult to change.

When to use what in Office 365

To answer the question of when to use what applications or features within Office 365 most people start with the platform itself: the available apps and features themselves. And then by working through the functionality, and see where or what it can be used for.

SKG – The digital workplace with IBM Connections

A few years ago Stichting Kerkelijk Geldbeheer started using IBM Connections to share knowledge, documents and updates. Improving collaboration between colleagues. However, adoption of the platform was not automatic.

Reference story Kawasaki – IBM Connections

In conversation with Frank Barendsma – ICT Manager at Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. about the implementation of Kawasaki Connect with IBM Connections as intranet and communication platform.

Where does the key for a successful business lie?

Culture itself is a vague concept and if you ask ten people how do they understand the word ‘culture’, you would have hundreds of different explanations. Indeed, it is such a fuzzy concept, so this time let’s take a look at company culture in more depth.

Rogers Adoption Curve put into Practice

Do you remember life we had mobile phones? And when they were new, seeing people on the street making calls, seemed weird. Irritating attention-seekers, who would want to have a private conversation on public transport? The Roger’s Adoption Curve can tell the story of this development.

What is the connection between organizational culture, identity and image?

Many management researches, have confirmed the importance of a strong company culture, for leaders and employees. And the most successful companies are those with the best organizational culture, surveys says.

Small steps for big changes: Tiny habit huge advantage

Tiny Habit is a simple method for changing a behavior created by Dr. BJ Fogg that requires only few small conditions: do it at least once per day and spend not less than 30 seconds. What are the principles of this method?

Intelligent communication coming to Microsoft Teams

We’ve been working with Microsoft Teams for about a year now, and we’ve seen it gradually moving up in enterprise collaboration. Microsoft Teams provides a chat-based hub for teamwork that is open and fluid.

Productive meeting tips: It’s not about Skype

Meetings are not always efficient. Especially when doing online meetings with tools such as Skype for Business we seldom see them go smoothly. Instead of just talking about tevhnology and how to use it, a better approach would be to use a work scenario Smarter Meetings. In this work scenario we discuss both tools (what can it do?) and behaviour for all 3 steps of doing meetings: before, during, and after. How do we work with agenda, meeting minutes, meeting files and action items so people know what to do when?

Online team collaboration with Microsoft Teams

This year we’ve seen the rise of Microsoft Teams. Research shows there is an increased need for social communication tools. And chat-based collaboration tools are particularly welcomed by Millenials. But there are some challenges as well. Apps like Microsoft Teams can be addictive, distractive, and confusing. To really Tuse eams as a central collaboration hub, requires new communication skills. Here are some more tips to help your employees overcome these challenges.

Work more transparently using Microsoft Teams

The ways organizations collaborate and communicate vary more than ever these days. The needs of employees working on projects and ad hoc teams are now very different than the capabilities provided through traditional collaboration platforms. The traditional way of working faded away and a new way of working has just begun. One of the main changes regards not only the way people in organization collaborate but also transparency. Microsoft Teams, which had been released in 2017 for every Office 365 and Enterprise subscription, is an ambitious bet that Microsoft can bridge existing ways of collaborating with more modern modes. Using Teams is an efficient and transparent method of working, communicating and collaborating for big or small project teams, but also entire departments.

10 email tips to claim back your day!

Is too much email ruining your life? Are you struggling with email overload? Are you not as productive as you would like to be?

When was the last time you had ZERO emails in your inbox?

Is too much emails ruining your life? Are you struggling with information overload? If the answer is ‘Yes!’ then join us in taking part in the 7th annual global ‘No Email Day‘ which takes place on 7th July 2017.

#3 Thinking about Fileshares with the Silverside Collaboration Framework

The new tool is there, but we do not change the way we work. It is better to look at the files on the fileshares in a different way. Start from the thought: Start with the thought: what kind of work is it, and what purpose does it serve. We can help you with our Collaboration Framework.

Silverside @ Engage 2017

Silverside is proud to sponsor this great European event. Especially this years edition as we will launch our PACE Online platform with the first module: the Collaborative Culture Assessment.

Smarter Collaboration (on Files) is Urgently Required

When we share files or work together with several people on files; e-mail and file shares are still used extensively. Yet, this is not a very effective or efficient way of working together. Smarter Collaboration with file shares is needed!

#1 What doesn’t work with fileshares and e-mail?

What doesn’t work with file shares and e-mail? Or actually the title could also be: What tools do we need to work together on files?File shares are not a good solution for effective collaboration.

Michael Sampson is Joining Silverside as Research Consultant for PACE

New Zealand-based author, analyst, and advisor Michael Sampson is joining Silverside as a Research Consultant to extend and improve Silverside’s implementation methodology for change management and construct the best quality content for the forthcoming PACE Online platform.

Silverside starts joint venture to develop PACE Online

Silverside and Lead Innovation started a joint venture on the 23rd of December to launch the PACE Online platform. To make this service and implementation methodology even easier and more accessible, the idea emerged to launch an online platform. With PACE Online we make our proven services and accumulated knowledge virtually available and accessible to everyone. Both physically and also in terms of budget.
To achieve PACE Online a joint venture is formed with Lead Innovation, a specialized development agency with a state-of-the-art development platform which proven end products. The next three years, a team of Silverside and Lead Innovation will develop a complete platform so we can facilitate and automate change management worldwide.

Engage 2016

Silverside was present at Engage 2016. The cornerstone event of the IBM Community with more than 400 attendees and leading experts from all over the world.

JUN 06-07: Social Connections Toronto – CA

We will be present at the 2 day event filled with good speakers, captivating sessions, lots of IBM Champions, a Gala night you won’t forget and of course the amazing Social Connection team.

SEP 26-30: Microsoft Ignite Atlanta – USA

With over 700 sessions, Interactive Digital Labs, direct access to product experts and deep dives and demos. There will be over 100 vendors at the expo, product roadmaps, vision and strategies. With one-on-one discussions and ask the experts – we will be there!

Book Launch ‘Samen schieten op resultaat’ IBM BusinessConnect

Silverside launched the Management Book ‘Samen schieten op resultaat’ at IBM BusinessConnect 2014. A novel about the journey to Social Business. Social Business is not for everyone. This new way of working requires a lot beside technique also a behavioral and even culture change.

IBM BusinessConnect 2013

Wednesday 13th of november 2013 at the ‘ Fabrique’ in Utrecht for IBM Business Connect. Great! After months of preparation we were able to combine all we have learned in this workshop at IBM Connect.

RTLZ – Team NL – Interview Sasja Beerendonk

Watch our second TV interview on RTL-Z: how social business helps with employ-ability, our concept of Working Out Loud and see our office.

RTLZ – Team NL – Interview Roland Driesen

Watch our TV interview on RTL-Z: how social business helps with flexible workers, our User Adoption Methodology and see the new Microsoft Surface Hub in action.

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