Enhance Phase

Enhance phase

Enhance Phase

With the journey to a collaborative business underway, the Enhance phase of our PACE methodology focuses on helping your organisation to optimise the value derived from the change. Moreover, the other aim of this step, is to proactively address key challenges that threaten the integrity of the transformation. We also ensure ongoing alignment with the right business outcomes as conditions change throughout the journey.

Key activities during the Enhance phase are:

  • Ensuring your people receive the support they need to develop the skills and capabilities to effectively navigate the collaborative business terrain. Our Tiny Habits program, for example, is one of the ways we provide ongoing support, training, and coaching. The goal is to integrate effective collaborative practices and behaviours into everyday work.
  • Noticing changing conditions in the wider business environment and across your own organisation. Accordingly, these create the need to revise the pace and timing of your journey. On one hand, changes in your business environment include new competitors, new business models, and new approaches to effective work. On the other hand, across your organisation, the changes include substituting strategic priorities, new market place realities, and success stories in the transformation to a collaborative business.
  • Honing the reliability and stability of your collaboration gear through preventative maintenance. Silverside’s Technical Support Services provide, at this purpose, ongoing maintenance and administration to keep your collaboration gear in top shape. This includes managing product updates from the vendor, troubleshooting technical issues, and staying ahead of the curve with constantly changing cloud solutions.
  • Assessing the value to your organisation of newly identified opportunities that arise through internal consulting and learning. Furthermore, the enhance phase determines also new possibilities created through the introduction of new technical capabilities for your collaboration gear. These changes during your race provide scope for frequent re-evaluation of the 3-year goal, and as-needed adjustments to the 3-month race plan.
  • Navigating the implementation and fine-tuning of technical upgrades and new versions for your on-premises collaboration gear, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest version available. We adjust the training and support materials available so you can profit from our co-creation activities with multiple customers. These new materials are offered via a subscription-based support contract.
  • Checkpointing direction and momentum throughout the journey, recommending changes in pace as and when appropriate. While our standard approach is a regular 3-month checkpoint, we can also support a continuous analysis and management approach under the right organisational conditions.
  • Engaging with your organisation through effective communication, training, and technology to keep the WHY top-of-mind, the HOW relevant to daily work, and the WHAT clear.

Our PACE methodology supports your journey to a collaborative business. It is an iterative approach that creates the context for developing vision, creating technical capability and human competence. It also champions change and transformation across your organisation.