After our PACE Workshop, attendees said...

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On 7th June 2019, we organized the workshop: “Learn how to create the best Office 365 User Adoption Plan”. In this blog, we want to tell you something more about how the workshop went, from the perspective of our participants! We hope to transmit the feeling and the positive vibe of the PACE Experience so that you would want to join next time! 

You can read more about the workshop’s agenda here.

Top 3 ingredients of the workshop:

  1. Attendees with superpowers: This PACE experience has been so nice thanks to all of you. We especially admired your energy, expectations, will to learn, actively participate and debate. We couldn’t ask better than this!
  2. Quality of content and collaboration: During the workshop, there were many moments to collaborate, discuss, criticise, share experiences and opinions. We loved this! And the quality of the conversations was impressive. Well done!
  3. We had so much fun! On Friday we had time for learning, discussing, playing and having fun! Gamification worked perfectly to generate fruitful discussions and inspiration for real-life scenarios. The cocktail of games and serious stuff was just perfect!

Participants said they liked the most…

“The mix between theory and practice and discuss different topics with attendees”

“Concrete methods and samples, materials provided, understandable explanations”

“Combination of lecture and activities: Sasja is an excellent teacher. Like the digging into scenarios and working as a team through the day”

This PACE Experience has been a great success! Thanks to all the participants. But we don’t stop here! This is just the beginning!

So, what’s next? Will you be there at the next PACE Experience? Work in progress…

In the meantime, you can download our eBooks or PACE whitepaper to know more.