Abseiling, a team affair!

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“Courage, will-power and confidence in your abilities will carry you to greater heights.”euromast abseiling
Yes, who would have ever imagined it? Abseiling from 100 meters. We, the Silverside team, with all our different personalities, fears, strengths, minds and souls. And yet, this beautiful diversity is condensed in “One Team, One Message”.
This time the message is clear and powerful: “Alone, you set limits for yourself; but with your team, every challenge is possible, even the most fearful one”. 
This sentence is the outcome of a super exciting experience, a real adrenaline shot, that the Silverside team did on a regular Monday afternoon. So, no meetings no emails, no phone calls. Just pure adrenaline and real, strong emotions. What did we do? Abseiling from the Euromast from 100 meters! And if you don’t believe us, well… here are some pictures that prove it. 

No pain, no Gain

Monday afternoon, 4:00 pm. We take a water taxi. Direction? Euromast. After taking the fast elevator, we reached an altitude of 100 meters. There, the “heights professionals” were waiting for us with ropes, climbing harness and snap-hooks. Group picture and we started abseiling!

abseilingThe fear, terror and anxiety (and some screams) were real and palpable. The scariest part was to get over the terrace, leave the comfort zone, leave our certainties, our safe zone and dive into the unknown, suspended in the air. The panic was huge when you were looking down: 100 meters and nothing under your feet. But the golden rule that helped every one of us get over that terrace was: “Look at us, do not look down”. Yes, look at your colleagues, your team members and trusted people that were there for you, to encourage, to help and support you during this challenge. And this golden rule really worked perfectly. After the terrace, after being suspended on a rope, the view of Rotterdam was beautiful. The emotions real. But the most important thing was: you did it. With the support of your team, you did that fearful experience you thought you would have never been able to do. Yet, you did it! 

Abseiling, a metaphor

This experience will stay in our memory for a long time. But what will never go away is the lesson we have learned. There is nothing impossible together with your team. You can overcome every challenge. This is valid for Silverside as a business and as a team. But above all, what we lived and learned during this experience will help us in life, every time we will be afraid of the unknown, not confident about ourselves, afraid of our fears and limits. Everything is possible, together! 

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