From 1998 to Now

In 1998, we got started!

As a young company implementing Knowledge Management solutions, we soon had our first large customers, including KPN and Rabobank. It was not long before we were acquired by a larger ICT company. Silverside became the E-Business & Workflow Integration department (EBWI) and grew out to become an IBM Premier Business Partner. Our department was different to other business units, we focused on fixed price projects and standard solutions. A concept not always understood or appreciated in an environment depending on staffing ICT employees.

In 2005 we gained our independence again, we had learned the hard way. We primarily had a burning ambition to help people be more productive using smart IBM technology. For years we focused on document management, collaboration and portal technology.

In 2006, we were recognized for our hard work by receiving an IBM award for Best Partner of the Year and then Best Performing Partner in 2007. In the years that followed, we adopted more solutions and realized we loved to work with international partners to help our customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

In 2008, some of our customers moved away from IBM and asked us to stay on-board. We became a Microsoft partner, developing our technical skills in their Collaboration tools. Today we are as comfortable working with IBM as we are with Microsoft. Our customer base has grown to more than 100 companies and we are increasingly more involved in international projects.

Our approach changed drastically in 2010. We discovered that a lot of companies were struggling with the adoption of their collaboration platform, regardless their choice of technology. We drafted our first User Adoption Whitepaper and got some very encouraging feedback. In 2012, our missionary work was acknowledged as our customers embraced our 3G User Adoption Methodology. In 2014, together with 32 customers and partners, we co-authored a business novel about the rocky road to becoming a collaborative business.

All just in preparation of our real race. In 2016, we entered the international era and arena, now with 200 customers on our books. Customers from across EMEA, requesting our specific knowledge. We have now opened regional offices in Germany and Israel. Our R&D team have reshaped our 3G Methodology into PACE and we have translated all of our content into English with an international mindset.

We love our PACE methodology and are looking forward to exploring our unwritten history together with you!