About Us

About Us

Our vision

Our vision is to make people more productive in their daily work, by providing smarter collaboration tools. We aim for long term relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers.


About Silverside

Since 1998 we work hard to help people be more productive at work using Microsoft and IBM collaboration tools.

The biggest challenge in creating a collaborative business is the end user’s adoption of the new technology. That is why we have a specific focus on user adoption of new technologies.

What makes us unique in the market is our approach: a mix of learning & development, communication, technology, all in one solution. Based on this mixed approach, we guide our customers in the user adoption journey with our PACE methodology for change management and user adoption. We do this by:

  • providing learning material, content, resources and training
  • supporting the communication strategy for your project 
  • enabling Microsoft Office 365 or IBM tools while providing IT and technical support (installation, configuration, development and migration)

We work closely with about 200 customers in Europe. We do this with passion for our work. Our customers include for example PANalytical, MCB, Chemgas Shipping, the Dutch Tax Office, NN, Heineken, PON, Apollo Vredestein Tyres, Forbo Eurocol, SES, etc.

The following points underline our profile:

  • PACE methodology: Our mix of learning & development, communication, technology.
  • Complete guidance: from advice, definition, realisation, implementation, support and continuous learning and improvement.
  • Prominent partner status at both Microsoft and IBM
  • Internationally recognized as a speaker in User Adoption for Office 365, Social Collaboration and Document Management
  • Strategic partnership with collaboration guru, Michael Sampson
  • A flexible and dynamic company culture 
  • About 200 customers in Europe in several segments of the market

Read more about our PACE approach or download the whitepaper.

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The minimum you can expect from us is a group of well trained and experienced professionals, who love doing what they do. Our consultants prefer practice over theory and are real team players. They enjoy life and have a genuine passion for their work. We are a small organisation, but with a powerful team.