Rogers Adoption Curve put into Practice

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Do you remember life we had mobile phones? And when they were new, seeing people on the street making calls, seemed weird. Irritating attention-seekers, who would want to have a private conversation on public transport? The Roger’s Adoption Curve can tell the story of this development.

In the video of interviews in Holland (1998) we hear people categorically stating why they will not need a mobile phone. This is a perfect example of how users adopt a new technology, what we call user adoption. In this case the mobile phone, which was then on the rise. But replace ‘mobile phone’ randomly with other technology, such as LinkedIn (not very new) or WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat. Or at work with the introduction of new apps, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams within Office 365, Salesforce chatter, or Watson Workspace, Rogers adoption curve remains valid.

Silverside's Rogers Adoption Curve

To which group of Rogers Adoption Curve would people in the video belong to?

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