How to plan your time working in Microsoft Teams? Get Planner!

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Microsoft Teams, since the day it was launched, has become a handy tool to use for communication with your co-workers and friends within your company and outside. Specifically, Teams is one of the newest additions to Office 365. It is described as a chat based workspace and a collaboration hub, used to share information, have team or private discussions, plan tasks and meetings and even for connecting to external data sources. A great way to become a more collaborative business.

Recently, working within Teams on an important project, our group had to postpone the work, because one member of the team missed his deadline… he simply forgot.

There is no one to blame…

Since, we all work in such a complex and dynamic environment it’s easy to get lost in those thousands of tasks and deadlines.
How we can help ourselves and our colleagues to feel more relaxed and get around to all tasks they need to do?

Can you imagine working on a desk with no post-it notes or reminders, scraps of paper or other old-fashioned tools to remind yourself.

While working on different projects you need to give different tasks to different colleagues and keep communicating with them.

Easy solution! Use Microsoft Planner within Teams.

1. Choose the right team and the channel that is relevant to the project you are working on. Click on the Plus sign, to the right of the tabs ”Conversations”, ”Files”, etc.


2. Search for the Planner App and select it. Give it a relevant name, choose whether to notify the team that it has been added to the channel. It may also be possible to add an existing Plan to the Team channel.


3. You are ready to use the powerful functionality of Planner to ensure no tasks are ever forgotten or overlooked again.


4. Tasks can only be allocated to members of the team, select one or more team members and they will automatically be notified and reminded of their deadlines.

5. To edit a task, click in the space with the name of the task to access more options.


6. Insert more information. The person that the task was assign to can also edit the Bucket, Progress, Start Date, Due Date of this task and also can cement. By doing so, people can communicate and collaborate more effectively.
This is what we want, right? Try it.



You can find more about Teams in the article Microsoft Teams and Smarter Meetings written by Michael Sampson.